Financial Policy

Tri-Hampton YMCA Swim Team Financial Policy


In order to ensure proper payment on all monthly charges the following financial terms will be in effect for this season:

  1. All registration is done online through our website. Please remember that you are reserving a spot in a practice group that does not have unlimited registrations. By registering for the team you are registering for that spot amd you are expected to make payment arrangements immediately. Swimmers promoted to higher group of training during the course of the season are responsible to cover the additional cost for the reminding time of the season. Upon registering for the program new swimmers will be given a one-week trial period. After this one week period you are financially responsible for all membership and program fees for the rest of the season, unless you, in writing, notify the Lower Bucks Family YMCA of your withdrawal from the program 30 days prior to your last day, per the agreement below.

  2. Any meets you attend require payment per event and, in some cases, a per swimmer facility fee or a travel meet surcharge. Each family will be required to keep a credit card on file for the purpose of paying for meet entries. You will be billed based on your entries into each meet.  Meet entry fees are nonrefundable, even if the swimmer is unable to attend on the day of the meet.

  3. Any account that has a balance as of the last day of the month will result in all swimmers on that account being pulled from any and all team activities, including practices and meets. This gives you one month from the day the invoices are run to pay your bill. If meet entries have been sent in you will still be responsible for paying these fees even if your child is pulled from the meet. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Tim Ryan, the Central Bucks Family YMCA Aquatics Director.

  4. All members MUST have a credit card associated with their Lower Bucks Family YMCA account for automatic billing. Charges will be assessed to your account throughout the month as required. Cards are run on the 1st of each month. It is your responsibility to ensure there are enough funds available on your card to cover your bill. If the card is denied for any reason, it is your responsibility to pay the required amount before the end of the month to ensure your swimmers are not held out of team activities.

  5. All accounts will be required to adhere to the financial agreement that you agree to when registering for the program as it pertains to billing. Please begin preparing for this now. Anyone who does not want to adhere to these standards cannot be members of this program.


Please understand that we do not want to keep any swimmers from participating in team activities because of a failure to pay. We want this to be a deterrent to not paying the monthly bill on time. However we will take the necessary steps to hold each family accountable for the fees set forth for the program and bring everyone to a level playing field when it comes to financial obligations.

If you have any questions regarding your bill or changing your current payment plan, please contact Taylor Byers at [email protected].