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These Items are left over "over purchases" from previous apparel sales, team gift purchases, Cap orders, etc.  As such most of these Items are not able to be purchased on the THY Swim Outlet store   and may not be re-ordered in the near future.  These items are available for sale infrequently at Team Gatherings but can be purchased at any time.  If you are interested in purchasing please contact Mike at

In all cases please make checks payable to THY Swim Team.

For smaller Items like caps, we can drop them in your mailbox on the pool deck.  For large Items that will not fit in mailbox on pool deck, we will figure out a time to meet.  



2017 Silicone Team Cap
White with Blue print  - (
Available: 0 (sold out)@ $8 each)


Tracey Edwards Breast Cancer Awareness Silicone Caps
Pink Silicone with White Printing (Available: 20 @ $10 each)


Black THY "State Team" Caps
Silicone with white and Blue lettering (Available: 1 @ $5 each)
Latex with white and Blue lettering (Available: 4 @ $3 each)


2016 THY Team Caps Silicone
Blue Silicone with white printing (Available: 28 @ $7 each)


Unknown Year’s Silicone Team Cap
BLUE with White+Black print  - (
Available: 7 @ $5 each)



THY Deck Chairs
Pop open "Camping" chairs with THY Logo (
Available: 8 @ $20 each)