White Group

Training groups and criteria are designed to help swimmers be successful in the sport.  We encourage younger swimmers to be involved with other sports and activities as well.  The training groups are designed around age with flexibility between them.  Performance is a consideration in finding the right group for each swimmer.  Also, to be considered is physical and emotional preparedness.

Please call Amber at (610) 353-2326 to schedule a tryout with a Coach or email [email protected].  

White Group:  Training times are offered 4 days a week for 1 hour; There will be no training on Saturdays that are meet days.   Swimmers should practice no more then 3 times a week.

Description:  This group is for swimmers ages 8 & under  who can complete a lap of freestyle and backstroke.  Swimmers should be comfortable doing multiple laps at a time.

Goal: The goal is for swimmers to be able to swim all four strokes and complete an Individual Medley (IM).  Swimmers will be comfortable using the starting block.  They will also begin learning turns.   Swimmers will prepare to swim in the Blue Group.

Focus: The swimmers will be learning to swim all 4 strokes, IMs, starts and turns.  The practice will concentrate on swimming with great technique.  Swimmers will continue to build endurance through kicking and games.  This group will continue to develop the understanding of swimming terminology.  Swimmers will be introduced to USA Swimming’s IMR and IMX programs.  It is expected swimmers in this group attend Mid Atlantic Mini meets.  Swimmers are expected to attend the Mini Championships in March.  Bronze and Silver Champs are options for swimmers ages 9 and over in/before March.