Senior Group

Practice groups and criteria are designed to help swimmers be successful in the sport.  We encourage younger swimmers to be involved with other sports and activities as well.  The practice groups are designed around age with flexibility between them.  Performance is a consideration in finding the right group for each swimmer. Also, to be considered is physical and emotional preparedness.

Please call Amber at (610) 353-2326 to schedule a tryout with Coach Tom or email

Senior Group: Training is offered 5/6 days a week for 2 hours each day.  Dryland will also be incorporated into training during the season.  It is expected that during the high school “off-season”, swimmers will be focused and dedicated with the same level of commitment as coming out of the Platinum Group.  During the High School season, there will still be the Senior training group.  Please discuss options with the Coach.

Training sessions in the Fall and Spring will be offered early and late.  Swimmers may choose a training session based on their schedule.  

Description: This group is for our High School age swimmers and older.  Swimmers are expected to attend practice on a regular basis and attend MA meets.   

Goal:  Swimmers are preparing to compete on the high school, district, state, regional, national levels and beyond.  They will be trained to compete in IMR and IMX events with a focus on their individual events.   The Senior Team's goal is to prepare swimmers to compete beyond the High School Level.

Focus: Swimmers will focus on conditioning and performance.  Swimmers will complete training sets of 20 minutes to one hour.  The intensity of the training sets will increase.  Swimmers will develop team leadership skills.  The Group will be split into 3 training groups during practice (Sprint, Mid Distance/Stroke and Distance) to build training systems for maximum performance.   Practices are designed to prepare swimmers to compete at all levels and with a push towards swimming in college.  Swimmers are expected to compete in 1 or more Mid Atlantic Championship meet in March.