How old do you have to be to sign up for the Quakertown Barracudas swim team?

Children as young as 6 can join this swim team. However, they must be able to swim a length of the pool unassisted in freestyle and another length unassisted in backstroke.  The age limit is 21 and you are allowed one year post high school provided you are not affiliated with a college team.

My swimmers doesn't know all of the different strokes.  Can he or she still join the team?

Yes.  The only requirement to be a member of the Quakertown Barracudas swim team is to swim one continuous length, unassisted, freestyle and one continuous length, unassisted, backstroke.

Does my swimmer have to know how to dive?

No.  Swimmers inexperienced with diving are permitted to jump from the side of the pool or from the blocks during practice and at meets.  However, practice sessions include instruction on diving starts from the blocks.

Does my swimmer need to be a member of the YMCA of Bucks County - Quakertown to be on the swim team?

Yes, swimmers are required to be full members of the YMCA of Bucks County - Quakertown in order to be a member of the team.

What should swimmers bring to a swim meet?

·         Team Suit 

·         Team cap (suggest 2 in case one rips)

·         Goggles (suggest 2 pair in case one breaks)

·         Towels (suggest at least 2)

·         Water  bottle

·         Flip flops or other shower shoes

·         Nutritious snacks

·         Books, decks of cards, etc. (no personal gaming systems or other electronics, please)

Will my swimmer(s) still be able to participate in other activities?

Yes, swimmers are encouraged to be active in other activities during the swim season.

What are stroke clinics, and how do we sign our swimmer(s) up?

The team sponsors two stroke and turn clinics, one prior to the start of the season (September) and one at the conclusion of the season (May).  Clinic information is always available on the team website and also in the program guide.

Important dates for the 2019-2020 season

Who do I contact with questions if I can't find the answer on the web site or the handbook?

If you have any questions that are specific to the team (i.e., practices, team structure, philosophy, meet info, etc.) can be directed to Coach Sarah at or 215-536-9622 x125.  Questions pertaining to team registration fees or other financial requirements can be directed to the Aquatics Director Becky Musselman at 215-536-9622 x126.