Age-Group 1 (AG1) Blue

Age-Group 1 (AG1) Blue

Age Range

  • 6-12

Ability Requirements

  • Swim 25 yards of freestyle AND 25 yards of backstroke without stopping and without using lane lines for assistance

Training Objectives

  • Technique development of all 4 competitive strokes
  • Development of racing skills including starts, turns, pacing; aerobic endurance
  • Speed development for short distances
  • Simple training sets and competitive orientation

Knowledge and Attitudes

  • Enjoyment of pool and land-based activities
  • Learn to function as an individual within a group activity
  • Become familiar with rules and competitive situations
  • Learn about stroke technique and training methods

Competitive Objectives (Goals)

  • Have fun and learn to participate without anxiety or distraction
  • Personal improvement in performance and skill
  • Enjoyment recognized and reinforced
  • Learn how to work as a team
  • Improve personal best times