Age-Group 1 (AG1) Red

Age-Group 1 (AG1) Red

Age Range

  • 7-12

Ability Requirements

  • Able to stay on task for an hour practice
  • Able to swim all 4 strokes legaly
  • Able to safely circle swim

Training Objectives

  • Technique development
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Racing skills with development of speed and acceleration
  • Incorporation of new training methods

Knowledge and Attitudes

  • Enjoyment of pool and land-based activities
  • Become aware of contributions made to team
  • Develop habits supporting active and healthy lifestyle
  • Begin functioning with less direct supervision and positive training decision making

Competitive Objectives (Goals)

  • Participation in PennDel League meets
  • Participation in YMCA District/State Championships when qualified
  • Skill development, improvement, and number of events swum and most important goals