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  • SAL Dual Meet Competition

    • All UDAC participants, with the exception of PreTeam members, are entered in the lineup for SAL Dual Meets.  If your athlete will not be participating or will be late/leaving early due to a scheduling conflict, you must email UDAC coaches by Wed (5:00 PM) prior to the meet.

  • What are the Central Division and League Championship Meets?  Which meet should my swimmer attend?

    • League and Division Championships are individual competitions (no team scoring, but there are relays) Note: Athletes must have competed in at least 40% of dual meets to be eligible for League Championships.  All UDAC swimmers, including pre-team athletes, are eligible to participate in Division Championships.  There is a limit on the combined number of entries (3 individual, 2 relays) for League and Division Championships.  NOTE: in past years, League Swimming Championships were designated as "A Champs" and Divisional Swimming Championships as "B Champs".  SAL diving still uses the "A" and "B" designation.

      Mike Kennedy Memorial League Swimming Championships are held at LaSalle University. This meet is the league individual championships and only swimmers/divers with the top times/scores in the entire league will be compete in each event (18 plus, 2 alternates).  Coaches notify swimmers/divers of their entry after the league seed meetings, which occur following the League Dual Meet Championships and Last Chance meets.

      Central Division Swimming Championships:  Each division holds a championship meet.  UDAC is in the Central Division.  ALL swimmers/divers are eligible for Division Championships (but cannot swim in events for which they qualified for League Championships).  Swimmers should select their three favorite events.  Swimmers are seeded according to their best times for a particular event.  NOTE: UDAC's annual league dues are determined in part by the # of entries at Divisional Championship meets.  Do not sign up if you are not going to attend!

      Diving Championships: League Diving Champs are held on the same weekend as League Swimming Championships.  Division Diving Championships are usually held on the prior weekend, at one location, with the results for each event determined by division.

      Please contact your UDAC coach with questions:  [email protected]     [email protected]     [email protected]

  • How do I find out if my athlete will qualify for League Championships?

    • The SAL tracks individual times/scores and updates the "Top 50" throughout the season.  click here for SAL Top 50 listings  Coaches attend a seeding meeting after the Last Chance swimming and diving meet to place eligible swimmers into the events (remember - only 3 events for any athlete, including swimming ,diving events at Divisional and league meets).  Many athletes that are not in the initial "Top-18" will make League Champs depending on how many are scratched from the event in front of them.  UDAC coaches will email the list of athletes entered for League Championships promptly after the SAL seeding meetings in late January.

      Please contact your UDAC coach with questions:  [email protected]     [email protected]     [email protected]

  • Why is it so important to sign my athlete out of a meet that they cannot attend?

    • A lineup is created by considering a number of factors, including strategy, but also: who will be there, what did they swim previously, relay assignments, new events to be tried, seed times needed, etc.  It is a working puzzle that can take five to six hours of a coach's time to construct.  In general, coaches are hoping to include each swimmer in at least two or three events per meet.

      When an athlete does not sign out early enough, the coach must revisit and make entry adjustments that cascade throughout the lineup.  No-shows on meet day cause major disruption that requires the coaching staff to divert attention and energy, away from the athletes in attendance, to rearrange entries.  This is particularly disruptive for relays.  Coaches want to devote all of their energy at a meet to the swimmers who are present and ready to swim.

  • How do I sign my athlete out of a meet?

    • Please  sign your athlete out of a meet as soon as you know that they will not be attending by Wed evening prior to the event by emailing the appropriate coach ([email protected][email protected] or [email protected]).   For illness and situations that cannot be avoided, coaches and their assistants will be checking email right up to the time they leave for the event.  If time does not allow, please assure that a coach or deck parent is notified prior to warm-ups so lineup changes can be submitted to the scoring table before the meet starts.

  • My swimmer has it OK to leave the meet?

    • Never leave a meet early unless you have checked and received an OK from the head coach.  UDAC's participation in Suburban Aquatic League dual meets is a team effort.  Your athlete should be in attendance, as part of the UDAC team, for the whole meet.  This not only demonstrates good sportsmanship but also fuels a  team environment.  If your swimmer leaves and is in a final relay, the other three swimmers miss out on their event (remember - lineups can change at the last minute).

  • Leaving the team area and bleachers a mess?

    • All parents and participants must pitch in to cleanup after meets and assure that we leave the facility in good condition.  The pool is used by many groups...but please remember that UDAC is a guest at this facility.  Please ensure that UDAC team and spectator areas are clean before leaving.  Food & snacks from the snack bar should be eaten in the lobby (UDHS policy).  Please place all trash items in the bins located in the corners of the deck and lobby.  This is especially important at away meets!

  • What is MRSA and could this affect UDAC participants?

    • MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  Staphylococcus (Staph) is a type of bacteria that may cause skin infections that look like pimples or boils, may be red, swollen, painful, or have pus or other drainage.  Some Staph, known as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, are resistant to certain antibiotics, making it harder to treat.

      It is important for all parents and students to be informed regarding MRSA and good personal hygiene in school and athletics.  Upper Dublin High School's Athletic Trainer, Katie Bartosik, has developed an awareness program and provided the below links to documents and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) for further information regarding MRSA.  These articles provide answers to commonly-asked questions about preventing the spread of MRSA skin infections in schools and among athletes:

      MRSA Education Tips    MRSA and Athletes    MRSA in Schools    MRSA Patient Info Sheet    MRSA Prevention - Healthcare    MRSA Prevention - Community

  • When do meets start?

    • USA Swimming competition begins in October

    • The Suburban Aquatic League (SAL) is kicked off by a pair of invitational meets in late Oct and early Nov

    • The first SAL dual meet will take place in early November.

  • How will my swimmer know which practice to attend?  When will the groups be posted?

    • SAL coaches will be reviewing new swimmers at "New Swimmer Preview" nights later in Sep (dates and times to be announces).  The coaches will place new swimmers in the appropriate group for their skill level and endurance ability.  Group assignments for all swimmers will be posted in member's personal accounts before practices begin.  If you are unable to attend New Swimmer Preview, please email your corresponding team coach ([email protected] or [email protected]).

  • Are SAL members to required to participate in all meets?

    • The purpose of the Upper Dublin Aquatic Club is to develop competitive diving and swimming skills. To accomplish this, members are required to participate in the majority of scheduled meets. SAL requires a minimum of two meets (40%participation) during the 5-meet dual meet season to be elibile for championships .

  • How many practices are required in a week?

    • Each UDAC Training Group has recommended attendance expectations which have been developed from UDAC's decades of experience and successful results in competitive swimming & diving at all levels.  As with any sport or activity, progress is directly related to the amount of practice time and commitment to training. Those who faithfully fulfill workout expectations will develop the regimen essential for advancement to higher training groups, plus experience improved performance in competition. UDAC encourages swimming and diving participants to have outside interests with the realization that increased commitment and focus will become necessary to train and compete at higher levels as they mature and goals develop.

      The purpose of the team goals and practice requirements/recommendations is to set a target that will be needed in order for the swimmers to progress in technique and aerobic ability and be able to progress from one practice group to the next. Should a swimmer consistently miss practice, it is possible that their conditioning could fall to a level that would require the swimmer to have to move down a group for a period of time to protect the safety of the swimmer and the practice integrity of the group. Practice attendance is mandatory - participants whose practice history does not reflect the expectations for their practice group could be dismissed from UDAC.

  • I only want my kids to participate for exercise or as a physical activity.  They are not interested in the meets...

    • UDAC is an active competitive swimming and diving organization.  Families seeking to join the club for purposes of physical fitness/conditioning with no intention of participating in the competitive meets will be asked to withdraw their application for membership.  There are many alternative aquatic activities available in the area, for example, those offered by UDHS pool programs (including lessons, rec swim and lap swimming), the Ambler YMCA or summer swim clubs and camps.

  • Does everyone have a chance to swim events in SAL dual meets?

    • Every effort will be made for each swimmer and diver to participate in every meet (hopefully at least two events for swimmers).  However, there may be occasions when this will not be possible due to the competitive nature of the UDAC program and the availability of time and adequate facilities for each of the meets. There may be meets when the number of unofficial participants must be limited. Participation will be determined by the coaching staff.

  • What is the Pre-Team?

    • UDAC offers a pre-team program for those children who want to participate in the competitive program, but first need additional work on their strokes, strength and/or stamina.  Pre-team consists of participants five to eight years old, but is also appropriate for older participants that are new to competitive swimming.  UDAC participates in at least one mini-meet for pre-team participants each season.  Many SAL invitationals have events that for pre-teamers to participate in.

      Pre-team participants should be confident with their swim abilities acquired from participation in organized swim lessons.  In order to qualify for pre-team, participants should be able to complete two lengths of freestyle while breathing to the side, and one complete length of backstroke.  The goal of pre-team participation is to gain necessary skills and stamina to participate in higher level practices and meets.  Coaches will recommend promotion to the "Team One" practice group and meet participation for those that reach these goals.

  • What are invitational meets?

    • Seven invitational events are offered through the winter season sponsored by Suburban Aquatic League member clubs (SAL).  These meets are a great opportunity for your swimmers to compete individually against swimmers of similar ability representing clubs from across the Suburban Aquatic League.  UDAC highly recommends participation, as it gives swimmers additional chance to work on their strokes and improve their times.

  • Are invitational meets required?

    • Invitational meets are optional (not required).

  • How do UDAC participants enter SAL Invitationals?

    • Invitational meet details and online entry deadlines will be posted on the UDAC website throughout the season.  To enter your swimmers please signup online when events are posted.

  • Are parents required to volunteer at invitational meets?

    • SAL invitational meets are conducted by the host club; however, most ask that SAL clubs provide timers (usually one or two) in each session.  If your athlete is participating in an invitational, please check to see if any UDAC volunteers are needed.

  • Are there fees for UDAC participants to enter SAL Invitationals ans USA Swimming competition?

    • UDAC families families are responsible for all costs for meets that involve event entry fees (participants will be charged via your online UDAC account).  NOTE: entry fees are NOT refundable as UDAC submits payment in-bulk to the host club well in advance of the meet.  Families are also responsible for any lodging/travel costs involved as per the UDAC Team Travel Assessment and Reimbursement Policy.


  • Does UDAC have cuts?

    • UDAC reserves the right to limit the total number of swimming and diving participants in order to provide a safe environment and an ideal member-to-coach ratio. UDAC reserves the right to perform team “cuts” prior to the start of the season based upon the coaching staff’s evaluation of each individual's abilities. Notification of the criteria for the evaluation will be made prior to the evaluations.

  • Why does UDAC limit registration to Upper Dublin Township residents?

    •  The primary intent of limiting out-of-township registration is to provide the opportunity for Upper Dublin resident families to register prior to reaching maximum capacity.  In addition, UDAC is a recognized Upper Dublin School District Class 2 community youth sports organization, which stipulates a maximum of 25% participation from out-of-township residents in the program to maintain this status.  Registration periods are initially open only to Upper Dublin residents plus non-resident families that participated in UDAC competitive programs in the previous season.  Numbers will be evaluated after each registration period in regard to participant ratios, potential for openings, and UDAC’s UDSD Class 2 community organization status.  New out-of-township families interested in more information should contact Kate Scheuer at [email protected].

  • Is there an additional fee for non- Upper Dublin Township residents?

    • Non-Upper Dublin participants are charged a yearly out-of-township fee ($100 per family).

  • Is there any preference given to Upper Dublin Township residents?

    • Upper Dublin Township residents do not receive preference for participation and meet lineups.

  • When will my Middle Atlantic Swimming (USA Swimming membership) expire if I registered this Fall?

    • Middle Atlantic registration, necessary for USA Swimming competition, submitted after Sep 1st will expire the following December.

  • Is it OK to approach the coaches with questions?

    • Absolutely!  However, please remember that the coaches are focusing on the kids during practices.  The best time to approach a coach with questions is after practice , try to make an appointment for before practice, or email.  UDAC has multiple contact email addresses that are available for specific queries.

  • Who should I contact with questions about my swimmer, diver, or with questions about UDAC?

    • UDAC coaches are available for parent conferences - a great opportunity to discuss your athlete's experience and participation with UDAC.  Please contact Kate Scheuer at [email protected] to arrange a meeting with your swimmers coach.

  • What is the UDAC refund policy?

    • The UDAC Board recognizes that, especially for first-time families, there are unknown factors which may impact your decision to participate, especially the results of the New Swimmer Preview, Time Trials and the first few weeks of practice.  While we require a fully paid registration before your child can attend sessions, we are prepared to offer refunds according to guidelines posted at registration.