Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have programs in my area?  SCSCMB offers swim team programs at two pools in the area; Pacific Grove High School Pool and MPC pool. Residents from any town may participate in any of our programs.

May my swimmer swim at one pool one day and other pool the next?  When you sign up with our club, our coaches discuss which group/site is best for your swimmer based on their needs. This will be your swimmer's primary group and primary pool. Because SCSCMB runs programs out of two pools, there will be opportunities for swimmers to swim at other pools during team events. 

With SCSCMB swimming out of 2 pools, how does my swimmer feel part of the bigger team? SCSCMB strives to unite our program on a regular basis through our club-wide monthly stroke clinics, team swim meets, and social events.

Is SCSCMB only for very good swimmers?  No.  We have swimmers of all different abilities.  SCSCMB is a club that has groups for all swimming abilities. Check under our Team Levels Tab for more information on individual groups. You will find something for your swimmer(s).

Is it necessary for my swimmer to compete in swim meets and how often? No. Although SCSCMB is a competitive swim club and the SCSCMB coaching staff encourages our swimmers to enjoy the opportunity and experience of competition, we allow that decision to be the choice of each swimmer. Swim meets are offered approximately once a month. All swim meets and team events are listed under the TEAM EVENTS TAB. It is important to realize that swim meets provide your swimmer with an opportunity to see the "fruits of their labor" from training on a regular basis and for swimmers to be able to "hang out" with their team mates in a supportive and healthy environment.

Does SCSCMB ever go to travel swim meets out of town? Yes. SCSCMB coaches set our swim meet calendar for long and short course seasons, twice a year.  We attend meets within the Pacific Swimming Meet Schedule and within our Zone, Zone 1 South.  These meets are usually a 1-2 hours drive from Monterey.  SCSCMB also hosts meets at Hartnell College in Salinas.  

How do I contact SCSCMB?  Use the 'Contact Us" tab on the left of the screen