Financial Agreement

This agreement goes into effect the first day your swimmer swims with MBSC. There is an annual Family registration fee in the amount of $50.00 due when you register and on your annual anniversary date with MBSC. This fee helps cover administrative costs incurred by MBSC.

  1. Dues are paid in advance via monthly payments that are due on the first of the month and payable by the 15th of each month with no exceptions. On-line credit card or bank draft payments are accepted through our secure team website or you may mail in your payment to MBSC, PO Box 1571, Monterey, CA 93942
  2. A $10.00 late fee will be charged per swimmer for dues paid after the 15th
  3. If the late fees and dues are not paid by the first day of the following month, the swimmer will not be permitted to practice or compete until all dues are paid in full.
  4. Advance written notice must be submitted to the Team Administrator using the "CONTACT US" tab on the right and the swimmer's coach (email addresses available under coaches tab) at least two weeks prior to withdrawal from the team. Dues and fees will be charged until notification is given in writing. Email notification is acceptable and encouraged.
  5. Paid dues are not refunded for a partial month unless there is a medical condition with a doctor's note that necessitates cessation swimming for the remainder of the month.
  6. To hold a swimmer's spot (inactive status) within a group, a $15.00 monthly fee will be assessed.
  7. Changes in account status are processed at the beginning of each month unless there is a medical issue.
  8. FUNDRAISING:  MBSC is a non-profit organization. Income for the rental of our pools, gym space and funds to pay our coaching staff is derived only from dues, hosted swim meets, and fundraising activities. MBSC participates in USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon each year. This fundraiser provides swimmers an opportunity to raise much needed funds for their team by challenging themselves to swim 100 or 200 laps within a specified time period while earning pledges for their efforts.

This agreement can be modified at a later time, as the board deems necessary. The board will notify you of modifications by e-mail and/or in writing prior to the effective date of any modification.