WE WANT YOU to join us and have some fun!

In order for our program to survive and thrive in the Pacific Swimming community we need volunteers to become certified USA Swimming Officials. Your child's future in swimming depends upon volunteer parents who help run sanctioned meets where our swimmers post their times. MBSC has the equipment and manpower to host meets. However, it is not possible until we can supply our own USA Swimming Officials.

Becoming an Official is not difficult but it does require a willingness to help and a commitment to follow through.

Steps to becoming an official:

  1. Register with USA Swimming as a non athlete member  Upon application, you will receive your USA Swimming ID card and rule book (the ID must be worn in a visible location at all times on deck while training or officiating,)
  2. Initiate Background Check  Pacific Swimming will reimburse the $39.00 cost of the required backround check. See your Zone Chair
  3. Take an online test on USA Swimming's webpage.
  4. Complete Athlete Protection/Safe Sport Training offered on-line at USA Swimming.
  5. After the completeion of the above 4 steps, you will have to attend a 1.5-2.5 hour Stroke & Turn Training Clinic held by Pacific Swimming or USA Swimming. Clinics occur 2-4 times each year.
  6. You will need to complete 2 Meets (Both days, total of 4 sessions) shadowing 2 different official "trainers." You will then be evaluated for 2 Meets (all sessions) by 2 head Referees.  Upon receipt of 2 passing evaluations, you are a level 1 official!


Uniform: Wear a white shirt with navy shorts/trousers and comfortable white shoes.


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