Our League (CVAL)


What does CVAL stand for? CVAL stands for Coast Valley Aquatic League

There are 9 teams: Monterey Bay Swim Club (MBSC), Monterey County Aquatics Team (MCAT), Cabrillo Threshers (CAB), Seaside Aquatics Club (SEA), Santa Cruz County Aquatics (SCCA), Slug Aquatics (SLUG), Gilroy Gators (GGST), Morgan Hill (MHSC), and San Benito Aquatics (SBA)  Over the course of the summer, the teams compete against each other in 3 Tri-Meets.  The Tri-Meets are usually held on a Saturday.  At the end of the summer, CVAL Championships are held over an entire weekend and bring all 9 teams together to compete.  The CVAL Championships are usually held the 1st or 2nd weekend in August.  MBSC takes our annual two week break immediately following CVAL Champs.


Who Attends CVALS?  CVAL meets are team events. Participation at every level is highly encouraged. These are great first meets in a low key fun environment. 


When are the 2016 CVALS?

TBA after Januaury 1, 2016


How to I sign up my swimmer?

TRI-MEETS -You simply go to our team website;, click on TEAM EVENTS and find the meet on the team event list. Simply sign into your account and indicate yes/no for each meet. The coaches will pick the events for your swimmer for these three mini tri-meets. There is no added cost to attend these three tri-meets.

CVAL Championships. Sign up will be on OME Swim connection and you will receive an email when the meet is posted. This championship meet has associated entry fees payable to swim connection at time of entry.

At the TRI-Meets-

WARM UPS- Your swimmer will need to arrive early for “warm ups” Your coach will notify you of that time.  Upon arriving check-in with your coach.  He/She will inform your swimmer which events he/she will swim.

EVENT ASSIGNMENTS- Your swimmer will be given cards for each event he/she swims.  The team will get in the pool and warm up together.  It’s important for your child to warm up and be ready to swim. This is the time for them to start to feel part of a team.  Most swimmers write their event numbers with a sharpie on their hand to held them remember their event number.

RACE TIME_ It ‘s encouraged for swimmers to talk with their coach about any race strategy. Often swimmers are nervous their first time, in that case, they should be ready to swim their event.  Lanes are often not assigned in these types of meets. Tell your swimmer to take the card to the lane they are directed to and give it to a timer. Race your race, find out your time and report back to your coach. If an official speaks to you, listen, be respectful and thank them and report back to your coach. Relax, race and have fun.

ATHLETE RESPONSIBILITY- It’s important to note that life lessons like responsibility are (l)earned at meets. Encourage your child to get their own towels, listen for their event numbers and to talk to their coaches. Pair your child up with another same aged swimmers if they are new to meets. Because tri-meets are ran differently, it’s important for your swimmer to listen and be ready to swim. Starters will often combine boys/girls and/or ages in the interest in saving time.

Is there a chance my swimmer could swim in a relay? Absolutely, now with our team expanding to three pools, swimmers have better chances of having enough kids to form relays. Relays are usually at the end and a load of fun. Lots of crazy cheering occurs during relay swims.

How are CVAL Champs different than Tri-meets?

CVAL Championships are ran just like a traditional CBA meet (look under swim meet articles on our website for detailed info) Registration is also through a third party (Swim Connection) and there are associated registration fees.

Can anyone swim in CVAL Championships?

Yes and No.  The only requirement is to swim in one of the three tri-meets during the summer. If your swimmer doesn’t swim in a tri-meet (with at least two swims at that meet)  over the summer, they may not compete in the championship meet. There are no time requirements for the championship meet.

Volunteer Requirements: Because there are 8-10 lanes and only three teams, MBSC will be assigned at least 2 lanes throughout the meet.  All timing sign ups are on our team website and active now. A reminder, if your child swims, you must time.  Your swimmers’ times depend on you too. Parents may also be asked to help out in other areas such as marshaling or awards. The only paid staff at meets are coaches. Everyone else is a volunteer. EVERYONE!