Mon/Wed/Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm​*

*Pre-Competitive will train at MPC with Coach Jocelyne January 5th

Santa Clara Swim Club's Pre-Competitive Swim Team is an introduction to competitive swimming for kids who are interested in developing their endurance and technique to join our competitive USA swim team. Swimmers in this program will learn the basics of being part of a swim team; dives, turns, reading the pace clock, circle swimming, and understanding workouts and sets. Swimmers will learn legal butterfly and breaststroke but should already know freestyle and backstroke coming into the program. No meets are required for this group.

Swimmers should be able to demonstrate 25 yards freestyle, 25 yards backstroke, with a basic knowledge of Butterfly and Breaststroke.

A try out is required to join this program.

Email questions to Coach Damon