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Once your child has completed an evaluation, it's time to register for swim team! Select the 'Swim Team Registration' button on the home page (right side of screen).  You will be asked which group your swimmer has been assigned. The coach administering the evaluation will assign you the group.


Family Administrative Fee

$75.00 per year. This fee is payable at registration and due annually on June 1.


USA Swimming Registration

$73.00 This is a Mandatory Registration with our governing body, Pacific Swimming.  New swimmers are required to fill out the form below and mail to Pacific Swimming within 10 days of registering with MBSC.

If you are transferring from a different team please complete this form:


Monthly Dues

Pre-Competitive (PG Only): $90/month

1 hour practices, Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Future Stars: $115/month

45 min practices, 5 days a week

White Group: $120/month  

1 hour practices, 5 days a week

Black Group: $120/month.

1.5 hour practices, 5 days a week

Silver Group: $120/month

1.5 hour practices, 5 days a week. 

Gold Group: $130/month.

1.5 hour practice, 5 days a week.

Junior Age Group: $155/month.

2 hour workouts, 6 days a week

Senior Group: $155/month.

2 hour workouts, 6 days a week

Top Age Group: $170/month.

Up to 9 practice sessions a week

High Performance Group: $190/month

Up to 11 practice sessions a week