Parent Board

The Clippers Swim Team Parent Board meets generally on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Supreme Sports Club. [Any changes to the Board's meeting schedule are published in the weekly newsletter.] All are welcome to attend! Please submit any agenda items to the Chairman by the Monday prior to each meeting. Contact the Communications Chair to receive a copy of meeting minutes.

The Parent Board operates much like a school PTA or Booster Club in supporting the team. Issues related to Coaching, Practices, and Facilities are NOT handled by the board. If you have any questions related to these issues please contact the Head Coach.

To contact a Parent Board Member, click on their name below.

Clippers Parent Board


Stephanie Costello

Concessions Chair

Rachel Schaaf

Business Affairs

Lori Rudolph


Suzanne Fitzsimmons


Teresa Emig


Anne Santos

At Large

Dawn Fish