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Training Groups

EST Training Group Structure and Descriptions



Age & Performance Range

Performance Goals

(swimmers will strive for...)

Practices & Attendance

Intro to EST

8yo & Younger

Free & Back

Four Competitive Strokes

2x 60min Session/week


9yo & Younger

‘Working Knowledge’ of all competitive strokes

9-10 ‘B’ Times

3x 60min Sessions/week

Bronze 1

9-10 yo ‘B-BB’ Times

11yo Slower than ‘B’

9-10 ‘A-AA’ Times

9-10 Jr. Champs Qualifiers


4x 60min Sessions/week

70% AVG Attendance


Bronze 2

10yo ‘A’ Times & Faster

11yo ‘B-BB’ Times

10 yr old  State Champs Qualifiers & Finalists

11yr old Jr. Champs Qualifiers

4x 60-90min Sessions/week

75% AVG Attendance

Silver 1

12yo ‘B’ Times & Slower

13-14yo Slower than ‘B’

12&over Jr. Champs Qualifiers

4x 90min Sessions/week

75% AVG Attendance

Silver 2

12yo ‘BB-A’ Times

13-14yo ‘B’ Times

12 yr old State Champs Qualifiers

13&over Jr. Champs Qualifiers

4x 90-135min Sessions/week

75% AVG Attendance


12yo ‘A’ Times & Faster 

13-14yo ‘BB’ Times & Faster

12 yr old State Champs Finalists

13-14 State Champs Qualifiers & Finalists

6x 90-150min Sessions/week

80% AVG Attendance

Senior Prep

9th Grade & Older

15 & Older BB & Slower

Junior Champs Qualifiers

5x 90-120min Sessions/week

80% AVG Attendance


9th Grade & Older 

Girls- 15 & Over AA times

Boys-15& Over A times

Senior State Champs Qualifiers

6x 120-150min Sessions/week

85% AVG Attendance

Senior Performance

9th Grade & Older

Girls- 15 & Over AAA times

Boys- 15 & Over AA times

Sectionals Qualifiers

7x 120-150min 


90% AVG Attendance

National Training Group

16yo & Older AAAA Times

Junior & Senior National Qualifiers

8x 120-150min Sessions/week

100% Attendance