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Senior Scholarship

HoCo Aquatics Senior Scholarship Guidelines (12/15/2011)

Appplicants must:

·         Be a graduating high school senior.

·         Have firm plans to attend a college, university, or other school (including military) after high school graduation.

·         Complete the application and turn in prior to the deadline.

·         Have swum for the HoCo Aquatics swim team for a minimum of one year and participated in a minimum of 4 swim meets and over this time.

·         Attends practices regularly, including dry-land practices.

·         Demonstrates good sportsmanship, team spirit, and acts as a role model for younger swimmers

Selection Committee:

All applications will be reviewed by a Board appointed selection committee who are not related to any applicants and will act in an unbiased manner, and Head Coach. In the event an applicant is related to anyone in the selection committee, that person will be removed from the selection committee. The selection committee may hold applicant interviews as they determine the need. The selection committee will base its decision on the following criteria and not on the swimmer’s ability or performance.

Selection Criteria:

The Selection Committee will make their decision based on the following:

·         Sportsmanship

·         Leadership

·         Positive Attitude

·         Willingness to help the team/coaches in various ways

(Assisting with coaching younger swimmers, participating in fundraisers, etc)

·         Written Essay (as instructed on the application)

·         Firm post high school plans…as noted on the application

·         Dedication to the HoCo Swim team - attending practices, swim meets, social functions.


ONE graduating senior swimmer (boy or girl) will receive a $500 scholarship, to be presented at the end of the swim season. If the scholarship recipient’s changes his post high school plans and they no longer meet the scholarship requirements, then the scholarship money must be returned to HoCo Aquatics.


Scholarship Application Form - PRINTABLE FORM