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The sport of swimming would not exist without its many volunteers. Swimming probably requires more volunteers and more volunteer time than any other sport. That is why we love our volunteers!!

As a new swim club, we are not yet in a position to host a USA Swim Meet. Practically every weekend through out the season is already booked with swim meet opportunities. So, our volunteer needs are not as great as many other teams in our area. This may change as our team develops, and as we are able to obtain pool time in order to host a meet. Hosting requires a great deal of parental support and volunteers. It takes approximately 75 volunteers to run an efficient swim meet. This is a good reason to be thankful and gracious guests while attending the swim meets!

However, as guests attending swim meets, we may be asked to provide some parent volunteers - typically as Timers and Stroke and Turn Officials. ANYONE can be a Timer - it requires No official training or skill! We will need a few parents to step up and become USA Stroke & Turn Officials. This does require training. If you are interested, please contact Head Coach Pete or one of the Board members who will get you set up with the training clinic.

Our team benefits from parent volunteers in the following areas:

Board of Directors - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Members at Large  - Note that open positions for the Board will be announced prior to the annual team banquet in July.

Stroke & Turn Officials - training required

Team Gear Coordinator (Spirit Wear, Team Suit, Team Caps)

Travel Coordinator (arranges hotel reservation blocks)

Holiday Party Coordinator and Helpers

Banquet Coordinator and Helpers

Social Events Coordinators

Photographer - takes photos at meets and social events

Hallway and Locker Room monitors during Mini & Junior practices

Senior Scholarship Review Committee

Annual Audit

PLEASE contact a Board Member if you can help in any of these areas. You can also sign up for any of theses volunteer jobs via the team website (Team & Social Functions tab, found next to the Events tab)

We appreciate everyone's help to make this team the best it can be! We will communicate via email the volunteer needs that are vacant. We will also have the ability to add job sign ups as needed for swim meets, which makes volunteering VERY easy!