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Become an Official

You can also become a Nationally Certified Official and even work to qualify to officiate at National Championship or Olympic meets!

Maryland Swimming sent 5 officials to the last Olympic trials and one official to the Para Olympics in London. We also have a Maryland official who is on the board at USA Swimming.

Steps to become a certified official:
1. Attend Clinic
2. Do Background check
3. Send in USA Swimming Official's registration
4. Complete Athlete Protection Training video and test
5. Begin apprenticing at meets-work a minimum of 5 sessions. Arrange with a training referee to work a session under observation.
6. Receive recommendation to take test from Referee.
7. Send email to Maryland Swimming Officials Chair, Sue Lottes- ( requesting to take test.
8. Take and pass tests with a combined score of 90%

Process to Register as an Official for first time registrants (then do training as noted above):

First - do the USA Swimming Mandatory Background Check.
A Level 2 USA Swimming Background Check: www.usaswimming/backgroundcheck (can also be found on the officials page at and click on official's tab)
Second - Once your background check comes back -green-, send in USA Swimming Official's Registration Application to your team's official's chairperson at your club. (Some clubs will pay the registration fee for you)
Third - Upon notification of completed registration from MDSwimming Registrar - complete the mandatory USA Swimming's Athlete Protection Training. You need to be in the system to complete this training and you must create an account with USA Swimming if you have not already done so.

The Athlete Protection Training: (www,usaswimming,org) For new Officials - Must be completed within 10 days of notification of registration (takes about an hour-can also be found at click the link).