Y of Central Maryland

The YCM Service Hour policy requires all families to work at dual meets and invitational meets throughout the season.  It takes many parents to run a successful and smooth swim meet. We will need all parents to commit to the dates they sign up for to make this season successful.

SafeSport federal legislation has expanded requirements around sexual abuse prevention for organizations that arrange amateur athletic competitions for minors.

To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, and to continue to strengthen our ability to protect youth in our care from abuse, ALL parents must undertake SafeSport training annually. 

Parent service hour requirement:

  1. Sign-up for minimum of 6 Hours for the C Schedule,  8 Hours for the A and B Schedule.  Plus a minimum of one session at your swimmer’s Championship meet.
  2. You may opt-out of service hours by paying the swim team $300 if on the A and B Schedule or $225 if on the C Schedule.  

If a meet session runs 30 minutes over the initial session time you will be credited for the extra time, the extra time given will be determined by the Head Coach or Meet Director. 

All parents working the day of the meet need to check-in with the Service Hour Coordinator or assigned parent/coach for that meet when they arrive at the meet, unless you are part of the set-up crew.  The Service Hour Coordinator will need to fill any jobs that are no-shows as quickly as possible.

Once you have committed to the work a session(s), it will be your responsibility to find a replacement for your job if you cannot make the meet.  You are still obligated to work the requirements stated above. We will keep track of everyone and how many hours you have completed using the job sign-up on the team website.  Please notify your service hour coordinator when you have switched with someone prior to the meet.

For every 2 hours over your allocated hours, you earn a 10% discount off your December swim team program fees  - the discount will be applied to your December 2020 fees.

At the end of the season, for every 2 hours that you do not work you will be billed $75.  Your accounts must be in good standing for your swimmer to register for the following season.

A list of the meet can be found on the website:  2019-2020 Meet schedule