Training Groups BPC
Battery Park City


The Junior Group is designed as the entry-level group for the team and serves as their training ground for developing our baseline fundamentals: posture; line; and balance. In the Junior Group every swimmer is focused primarily on learning and acquiring skills while building solid stroke foundations. The focus of competition for the Junior Group is to practice and hone skills learned in training. We track progress and development through skill acquisition as opposed to times, awards and race results.

In the Junior Group, swimmers build a base for strength and aerobic capacity primarily through their legs and kicking. They are taught basic land exercises to strengthen the core muscles and practice them on a daily basis. They are also introduced to the clock and how it used to measure time and intervals as they pertain to swimming.



While the primary focus is still on stroke development, swimmers in the Asphalt Group begin to shift their attention toward “race ready” training. With a continued emphasis on building the aerobic base through kicking, they are introduced to anaerobic training that will help them forge sustainable speed for the 100 distances. They learn the basics of racing and are challenged to maintain technique and fundamentals under stress. Competition progress is tracked through both the execution of skills acquired in training as well as through times and personal bests.

Dry land exercises they have learned in the Junior Group will be expanded upon and added to in order to continue developing critical core strength. In this group, they practice advanced interval training and begin mastering use of the pace clock.