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Swim School

CMA Swim School!

CMA's Swim School teach children ages 5 and older who are deep water safe - and are able to complete one length of the pool (25 yards) using freestyle and backstroke without having to stop and hold onto the wall - the skills necessary to have fun and be safe in the water. 

Stroke comfort, diving, kicking, breathing, freestyle, backstroke, and introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly kicking are all skills that will be taught. 



Learn Beginner Level Swim Skills - Ages 5 and up! 

Starting with proper body position and balance, swimmers will also learn the proper kicking, breathing and stroke techniques for the 4 competitive strokes as we'll as general swimming terminology. Participating in home meets at this level is optional.  Athletes progress to the next level at coaches' discretion. 

Registration approximately 12 per session; however, number may vary per coach's discretion. 

PRACTICES:  Practice times and length of practices may change throughout the year



Learn Intermediate Level Swim Skills - Ages 6 and up

Children progress through Freestyle and Backstroke and begin conquering Breast stroke and Butterfly. Our goal is to help the swimmer develop the skills and confidence to enter our competitive team program and will be encouraged to participate in home meets.  Progress evaluations with the coach are available upon request.
Athletes advance to the next level at coaches' discretion.

Registration approximately 14 per session; however, number may vary per coach's discretion.

PRACTICES:  Practice times and length of may practices change throughout the year