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"Providing a foundation of success that transcends the sport of swimming"

Our Vision

The ultimate goal of PPSC is to promote swimming and to encourage swimmers to be successful at their highest level of ability. It is PPSC's vision to create strong swimmers as well as outstanding and responsible citizens. Porpoise swimmers learn teamwork and sportsmanship, and gain a work ethic integral to academic, athletic, and civic achievement. Please contact us for more information on our club and how it can help you develop healthy behaviors and a lifelong love of swimming.

PPSC Club Goals:

  • Promotes the love of swimming through hard work balanced within a fun and motivating atmosphere

  • Seeks to draw member swimmers from all facets of the community

  • Encourages swimmers to be successful at high school, collegiate, state, regional, national, and international levels

  • Propels motivated and capable swimmers to new levels of achievement

  • Promotes health by encouraging behaviors that build body, mind, and spirit

PPSC accomplishes this by:

  • Employing highly skilled and educated staff

  • Providing affordable program options that are competitive with other area USA Swimming Clubs

  • Supporting cohesiveness and team spirit

  • Offering structured parent education

  • Relating to the community the values of competitive swimming

  • Collaborating with local and national accrediting bodies such as Maine Swimming Inc., USA Swimming, and the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA)