Westbrook Community Center

Seals Swimming is honored to be a positive and contributing member of such a thriving community-based facility. 


WCC Contact Information:

Contact the Office:   Westbrook Community Center
Office Hours:Monday through Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm

Davan Pool Program Coordinator: 

We are located in the Fred C. Wescott Building
Physical and mailing address: 426 Bridge St., Westbrook, ME 04092


Ø       To inquire about pool rentals, birthday parties, field scheduling, please call Louise Marcellino or contact via email: [email protected]

>>> Questions about billing, accounts, invoices, please call Mary Morrissey or contact via email: [email protected]

>>> Program questions– check our website first to see if your question is answered there, for all others, please call the main number and you will be directed to whomever can answer your question.

>>> Main office hours: Monday through Friday 7:30-8:00pm (as of 9/12/2012) Saturdays: 10am-12pm.

>>> General Assistance Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm  GA phone number: 854-0676 extension 268

>>> Thrift Store Hours:Mondays through Friday 9am-1pm, Tuesdays 9am-7pm. Saturdays by chance.  Donations gladly accepted anytime in the bin outside the store. We welcome and appreciate clean, gently used clothing, bedding, books, games, furniture and household goods. We cannot accept electronics. We are happy to give a tax exempt receipt upon request.

>>> Westbrook Food Pantry and Resource Center hours: Tuesdays 12:00pm-1:30pm, evenings 6:00pm-7:30pm.  Donations gladly accepted during pantry open hours. When not open, please feel free to bring donations to the WCC main office.


Repurposing of the Wescott Jr. High School

In 2008, the mayor of Westbrook formed a re-use committee to determine the future of the Wescott Jr. High School facility.  The committee consisted of 20 citizens with  Jim Violette, past Seals Swimming President, being appointed co-chair.  The committee discussed everything from tearing down the entire complex, tearing down only the classroom section or re-using the entire facility.  After 2 years of meetings it was the choice of the committee to maintain the entire facility and convert it to a municipal facility.

In January of 2010, Wescott Jr. High students moved into the new Westbrook Middle School on Stroudwater St.

At that time, the city of Westbrook relocated the entire recreation department to the Westbrook Community Center and created a community services department to oversee the WCC with Maria Dorn as the Director of Community Services.

Mission of the Westbrook Community Center

"The WCC is a multi-purpose center serving the residents of Westbrook Maine by providing opportunities for social, recreational and basic needs to be met.  Through collaboration, partnering and working together, we offer an array of community services that address the needs of Westbrook residents and help them to find and access resources that enrich their lives.  Our goal is to promote self-sufficiency and foster health and well-being. 

When the Westbrook Community Center started to really take shape in spring 2011, it was a community effort.  Ideas and involvement came from all different groups and individuals.  What simply needed to be done was to unlock the doors, and in came the creativity and activities.  The center is home to many diverse and interesting groups who rely largely on volunteers to make their programs happen.  If you walk through the center on a Tuesday, you’ll see the Food Pantry open, the thrift store open and at least one recreational activity and other program running at the same time.  On Wednesdays, a gathering of friends and neighbors create beautiful works of art in the Fiber Arts Room and is always welcoming to others wanting to join in.  Walk out back around the center and see the harvests of squash, tomatoes, and beans in our community garden, inspired and realized by a wonderful group of volunteers. 

Westbrook is rich in its ability to come together and create a sense of community even in these challenging times. 

Please take advantage of the Community Center.  It isn’t every community that is able to offer its residents a pool, gym, thrift store, food pantry and a space for gathering.  We hope to see you at our various events and than you for your patronage and support"

Maria Dorn, M.Ed.,

Director of Community Services

Westbrook Maine



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