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Purpose of program: the Westbrook Seals swim club is run on volunteer time and participation from everyone is needed to make the team successful. The Participation Program allows families to see all the opportunities available for volunteering & to have a selection of tasks and point values to choose from.

Stat: It takes 64 people to run ONE SESSION for every meet

Stat: It takes 42 people to operate the swim team EVERY YEAR

  • Every Seals family will be required to earn a set number of points per season: 18 points for this current 2018-19 Fall/Winter season.  8 points for the Spring/Summer season.
  • HS/MS Prep families will be expected to participate IF their swimmer(s) participates in meets.
  • Participation requirements reflect the MINIMUM expectations of each family.
  • Each task/job is assigned a point value.
  • Two ways to earn points: (1) meets & (2) club operations and support.
  • Our meets typically have 4 sessions. Points are based on the expectation that families will participate in 2 of the 4 sessions.
  • A member of each family is expected to volunteer for one of 6 committees.
  • Team Unify will be used to track points.
  • Team Unify will be set up to reminder families to sign-up for jobs/tasks to earn points.
  • Events (e.g. Craft Fair, Seals Mile Challenge) will be set up in Team Unify with all the tasks and points associated with them.
  • Families will sign up for jobs/tasks.
  • Team Manager will be responsible for coordination of the point system.
  • Volunteer Coordinator responsible for ensuring people get credit for the jobs/tasks they signed up for (e.g. have computer set-up at meet) so that credit can be applied.
  • Points will be earned for 2 periods: (1) Fall/Winter and (2) Spring/Summer.
  • Families earning over 22 points per season will be entered into a raffle for a free month of dues for 1 child - to be awarded: (1) Fall/Winter .
  • Board members will be included in raffle but will have their points for being on the board (5) deducted to even the odds of winning.
  • Failure to earn the requisite points will result in a charge of $20 for each point below the 18 point minimum for Fall/Winter and the 8 point minimum for Spring/Summer..
Download Points System Supporting Documents
View the breakdown on jobs available for volunteers Download the spreadsheet


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