Pool Rentals: Pool Parties


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Allegan Aquatic Center Pool Rental Pricing Sheet

Pool Party Welcome Sheet


  1. Look at the Pool Calendar, and determine if the pool is available at the time you would like
    • Open Swim Rentals: If the calendar says "Party Room Occupied", that means that there is already a rental for that open swim.
    • Private Rentals: If the calendar shows an event listed as "Pool Rental" it means that the pool is occupied.  The pool is available if there are no events scheduled at that time.
    • While Saturday and Sunday are common rental times, we are open to scheduling your rental during any of our available times. 
  2. View the Pool Rental Pricing Sheet to determine the amount of time and what options you would like.
  3. Email Sara Keen; skeen@alleganps.org or call 269-673-7002 x5504 to make your reservation.
  4. You will receive an invoice via email.  Check it to ensure correctness.
  5. Pay in full at least one week in advance to confirm your reservation.
  6. Remember, the Aqua Glide Inflatable Obstacle Course is available for your rental!  Fun and Challenging for All Ages!
  7. Need more information about the facilities, check out our "About" Section.