Group Descriptions

The Dexter Community Aquatic Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the Dexter Community Aquatic Club  to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities. 

ALL Group placements are at the discretion of the Head Coach. The following descriptions are only used as a guideline and swimmers will be placed in the group that the coaching staff deems best.

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All descriptions describe what it takes to get into that group. 


Bronze Group: New 12 & under swimmers who can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke. Participation in USA Dual Meets and WISC meets expected.


  25 Freestyle without stopping

25 Backstroke without stopping


Silver Group: 12 & Under Swimmers who have mastered the four competitive strokes and are promoted from Bronze Group. Minimum attendance of 3 times a week.  Commitment to swimming year-round and participation in USA Swimming.  Working towards achieving BB National Age Group Motivational Times. 


Freestyle with side breath

Looking for length in the stroke

Kicks continuous during the swim and breath 

Backstroke with a steady kick just under the surface

Steady kick on back 

Long reaches with a wide entrance in the back 

1 pull / 2 kick breaststroke tempo 

Br arms staying above the hips

knees staying in feet leading the kick 

2 dolphin kicks then butterfly tempo 

Arms extended out to the side 

Kicks starting from the shoulders ending with the toes

Arms reached forward on recovery 


Gold Group: 10 & Under swimmers who have achieved a  BB Min time off National Age Group Motivational Times.  All 11 & up swimmers who have already mastered the four competitive strokes. Participation in USA Swim dual meets and  WISC Championships expected.  Minimum attendance of 3 times a week


Competitive stroke (long recovery with a catch)

Flip turns with 2 dolphin kicks off each wall 

1 stroke off wall before breathing


Smooth transitions into the flip turn 

2 dolphin kicks off the wall

Bottom hand breakout


1 arm/ 1 kick tempo

Underwater breast pull 


1 pull 2 kick tempo

Arms pushed out from the belly button with a recovery up to the top


Platinum Group: 7th Grade and Up Swimmers. Must have at least one Junior Olympic time in their age group 11-14.  Minimum attendance of 4 times a week.  Commitment to swimming year-round and participation in USA swimming, with focus on participating in USA championship meets (Districts, Junior Olympics/Senior Festival, States) in March.



3-4 Underwater dolphin kicks off each turn

2 breakout strokes before breathing



3-4 Underwater dolphin kicks off each wall 

Rotation of the hips and shoulders 

Lungs deeper than hips on underwaters


Tempo 1 arm 1 kick efficient

Able to adjust speed of the stroke

Underwater pull-out efficient



2 kicks 1 large 1 small

2 kicks per arm

Arms pushed straight down and back not pinching the shoulders

Arms thrown and set in the water not splashed into the water

IM Ready/ IM Extreme:

Can successfully complete USA swimmings IM Ready or IM extreme over the course of the season. 


Shows a commitment to the team's core values

Steps up to support teammates during meets and practices

Senior Group

Group for High schoolers in 10th grade and above.