Team Hosted Meets

DRD hosts two USS Meets each year and this year will be co-hosting a championship meet.  Our short course meet, Mid-Winter Meltdown is held in the end of January and our long course meet, Freeze or Fry is held in the middle of June. These meets provide approximately 30% of our yearly income and we REQUIRE ALL FAMILIES to work these meets.  Each family is expected to work at least three shifts per meet.  Shifts are typically in five hour blocks.  Incentives are available for those families that work more shifts.  


Mark Your Calendars!


Mid-Winter Meltdown will be held from January 24th to 26th, 2020 at Saline High School.


The Not Quite Freeze or Fry (name to be determined later) will be held in mid-June 2020 at a location to be determined later.



Additionally, we have been awarded the honor of hosting the Blue District Meet. There will be a volunteer requirement for this meet as well. The Blue District Meet will be held from February 22nd to 23rd, 2020 at Saline High School.