Have you ever wondered what you should eat before a meet or when traveling?  Do you find yourself nervous before your races or are not sure how to pace your races?  Below are some documents to help you with your swimming experience.  If you don't understand the articles talk to your coach or parent. 

Eating well for peak performance

Breakfast on the run

Eating on the road


Kids and Caffeine don't mix

Should swimmers eat before morning Practice?

Race strategy

Pacing your races (Figure out how fast you should pace your different races)

Mental preparation

Good swims vs Bad swims (Look for a pattern of what you think before races)

Validation (A fun short video on the power of being positive)

Hey!  You are the whole reason we are here.  We hope you have chosen swimming because it is fun, you enjoy being part of a team and enjoy learning new things.  There are so many things that are great about swimming:

1.  It is great exercise and you can do it for the rest of your life.

2.  Injuries in the sport of swimming are usually minor and are often corrected quickly.

3.  Everyone gets to participate.

4.  It is a lifesaving skill. 

5.  You can go to the Olympics in swimming. 

The pages associated with the Swimmer portion of our website is a work in progress and we welcome any suggestions.  If you have an idea or article you would like to share, please e-mail Brandon Converse.


There are some great places on the web to get information about swimming.  Below is a list of links that may be useful to you.  Always check with your parents before visiting new websites! 


 USA Swimming Swimmer section

 Resources, articles, time standards, national team bios, photo gallery, etc.

 Michigan Swimming

 Check out the new website and find meet information, rankings and time standards

 Swimming World Magazine

 Current news about swimming

 Competitive Advantage

 Dr. Alan Goldberg's sports psychologist blog with great tips and ideas about how to be mentally tough. 

 IMX Challenge

The IMX Challenge is a motivational program whereby swimmers will be scored and ranked nationally on their performance in a combination of five or six events.