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Meet Registration

Registering for a Meet


When a swim meet is open for registration, it will be posted on our TeamUnify site. It can be found at the bottom of the homepage or by clicking on “Swim Meets” under the “Events” tab.



Clicking on the name of the meet will bring you to the meet's Event Page. This is where you will find all pertinent information about the meet. The registration deadline for our team will be listed on this page. It will also contain any additional instructions from the coaching staff. 



Also on this page will be a link to the meet packet across the bottom, on the example above, it is in Blue. The meet packet will give you the detailed information on that particular meet. It is a useful tool to reference before, during and after the meet. It will list warm up times, meet start times for each session, events and awards etc...


To begin the registration process, click on the “Attend/Decline” button located in the upper right corner of the meet event page. Clicking this button will take you to the Athlete Signup page. 


On the Athlete Signup page, scroll to the bottom and click on your swimmer’s name. This will take you to the Declaration page


On the Declaration page, use the drop down box to say “Yes, please sign up”

The events that your swimmer are able to participate in will appear.


The IE is the amount of individual events that your swimmer can choose.  For example in this particular meet, the swimmer can choose up to 6 events per session.To select an event, click the box to the left. A swimmer does not have to register for the maximum amount of events that are available. It is your swimmer’s choice as to which events they would like to swim. Consult coach Jim if there is any indecision.


This page also shows two different sessions on the same day that are available however your swimmer can only swim in one session per day. Look for the age groups as an indication for which session is their's.


There will be certain swim meets that have a qualifying time requirement.  If your swimmer has not achieved the minimum time required, you will not be able to check the box to participate in that specific event. The event will be in red, indicating that it is not an option.


After the events are chosen, select the Save Changes button on the bottom right of the page.


Your swimmer is now "committed" to swim in that meet.


If your swimmer decides that they want to change an event before the meet sign up deadline, they can. The Attend/Decline button will change to “Edit Commitment” once your swimmer has been committed. To make changes, click that button, make your changes, and click the Save Changes button to save what was edited.


The coaches can change your swimmers events at their discretion.


Your swimmer does not have to participate in every day of the meet on weekends. You can choose to only swim on a Saturday or Sunday. The events that are offered are not the same on each day. 


Relays are determined by the coaches and will be announced to the swimmers at each session.