HEAT Water Polo

Welcome to Middle School Water Polo 2021!

Registration is still open and we are accepting new players if you are interested visit the home page and find MS HEAT Polo registration.

In honor of finally having a season and being back in the pool we are going for a Jurrasic Park themed season because as "Life finds a way" as does polo in our case. We will have a shirt order coming soon and I'm including links to a couple suits. For this season we are looking for our players to be in blue or navy water polo suits. For girls this means you need a suit that zips up the back and for boys either a jammer or speedo type suit. 

I have included what our practice schedule is for the remainder of the season and tournaments. At the moment we do not have schedules for upcoming tournaments but I will get those to you as soon as I possibly can! Listed below are some links that you can visit for more information (if the words are blue you can click on them and it will bring you to a new page:)

Season Schedule

Recommended Girls Suit

Recommended Boys Suit (Jammer)

Recommended Boys Suit (Speedo)

Water Polo Rules

Water Polo Game (high school girls state championship 2021) Championship game starts @ 2:20

Water Polo Game (high school boys state championships 2021)