Meet Schedule Summer 18



Below you will find our HEAT season schedule for 2018 summer season.  


May 26th Jaws First Chance Meet (USA ONLY)

June 8-10 MLA Big Red Challenge (USA ONLY) -Sat&Sun Only

June 9th Jenison Invite **ALL HEAT**  Meet times TBD

June 14th Dual meet hosting Byron Center **ALL HEAT** Warm up 8am Meet 9am

June 21st Dual meet at Zeeland **ALL HEAT** Warm up 8am Meet 9am​
June 22nd-24th PAC KIK meet (USA ONLY) @ KALAMAZOO outdoor pool
June 23rd Zeeland Invite  **ALL HEAT**  Meet times TBD
June 29th  Hudsonville Invite  **ALL HEAT** Warm up 8:30am Meet 10am
June 30th-1st MSU Invite (USA ONLY) **
July 5th-7th Calvin Senior Invite (USA ONLY) **

July 12th Dual meet hosting Jenison  **ALL HEAT** Warm up 8am Meet 9am
July 13th-15th MLA Invite (USA ONLY) -Sat&Sun only
July 17th 12 and Under A meet hosted by Hudsonville **ALL HEAT** Warm up 2:30pm Meet 4pm
July 18th 13 and Over A meet hosted by Calvin **ALL HEAT** Warm up 2:30pm Meet 4pm
July 19th 12 and under B meet hosted by Grand Haven **ALL HEAT**  Meet times TBD
June 20th-22nd 12 and Under State Championships (USA ONLY) @ TBD
June 26th-29th 13 and Over State Championships (USA ONLY) @ TBD


** These two meets are "split" meets.  MSU invite is for only those who have not qualifed for the Calvin Senior Invite. If qualified for Calvin Senior Invite, please do not register for MSU Invite.