Boys Varsity Swim/Dive


Hartland Men's Varsity Swim and Dive 2018-2019

Parent Meeting Thursday November 8 @6:30 in room 501

Try outs are November 19 & 20 2:30-4:00 PM

To try out you must have a completed all paperwork and uploaded your physical through

Coaches can no longer accept and paperwork or payment. Athletes cannot remain at the pool without arbiter athlete completed.


Schedules for Meets, Transportation and Practice or under Calendar and Varsity Schedule.

Required Equipment (fins. kick board, pull buoy), Suit (Navy Blue Meet Suit and any color practice suit), Caps TBD

Information & Rules

Interim Head Coach - Maria Puranen 810-223-2665 Cell – Pool 810-626-2279

Assistant Swim Coach - Chris Mayer 810-772-9575

Dive Coach – Bill Richter 810-626-2279

Pay to Play The Pay to Play (P2P) fee for the 2018-2019 Season is $175.00  to be paid at arbiter


physical must be on file before the first day of practice with coaches can not accept physicals

Injuries sometimes occur in practice or at meets. If a swimmer/diver feels they are injured to the  point that they cannot complete a practice or a meet. That swimmer/diver will be assessed by a coach and a trainer.

After being cleared by the trainer if the swimmer/diver still is unable to fully practice or compete, the parent or guardian will be asked to seek professional medical advice.

If the swimmer is not cleared by the trainer the swimmer's parent or guardian will be asked to seek professional medical advice.

If a swimmer/diver is ill for more than 2 days the parent or guardian will be asked to seek professional medical advice.

A written medical explanation, signed by a medical professional, must be provided to the coach and the trainer before the swimmer can return to practice.

Swim/Dive Meets

All athletes will be expected to attend all Meets.


You must complete a full day of school on Meet day in order to participate in the Meet.


Bus transportation to away meet will be provided.  Check calendar or Meet schedule for departure times  Swimmers and Divers must ride the bus to and from the Meet. A form from the Athletic Department must be filled out and given to the Coach 24 hours in advance to ride home with a parent due to special circumstances only. No siblings or friends of team members will be permitted to drive a Swimmer/Diver home.


There will be no cellphones on the deck. Even for music. Athletes will be cheering on their teammates.


During Meets, athletes sit with their team.  Swimmers/Divers are not allowed in the stands.


Wear your Team suit and Team apparel on deck.  Other clothing is not permitted.

No jewelry or unapproved swimwear is to be worn.


Athletic Code of Conduct

We will follow the Eligibility for Participation in High School Interscholastic Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities and the Revised Substance Abuse Policy for Students involved in extra-curricular Activities in the Hartland Consolidated Schools.    We will follow the Code of Conduct specifically outlined in the student’s handbook. SUBSTANCE ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.   Do not compromise our program, your teammates and most of all yourself by getting involved with substance abuse.  So called “social drinking and smoking” with your friends only shows your personal weakness and really accomplishes nothing positive when you think about it.  You work too hard and there is too much at stake for this team and you personally to not be at 100% capability. If the situation arises -- stop, think and make the decision in the best interest of the team and yourself.


Each student must stay academically eligible as determined by the school rules. Every effort will be made by the Coach to help students who need extra academic help etc., provided that the Coach is aware of the difficulty.  Don’t wait until you are failing to tell the Coach.


Swim Suits and Caps – Uniforms


If an athlete looses their team suit, from the link provided above at swim outlet. Please be advised that if you lose or break your cap, we will be ordering a few extra caps and they can be purchaed from the boosters.



Swim & Dive Lockers

High School Swimmers/Divers will have assigned lockers in the Varsity locker room at the start of the High School.  This will eliminate carrying equipment on a daily basis. We expect the locker room be kept clean at all times. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

       Tardiness and Absence

Practice will begin at the scheduled time. If an athlete is going to be late or absent that must be pre-arranged in writing or by email with the coach. A pass from a teacher or a school administrator must be given to the coach on behalf or the student if tardiness or absence is due to a school activity. The same standard applies if an athlete must leave early. Being absent, late or leaving early is highly discouraged and is detrimental to team moral and compromises your training. Make every effort for doctor, dentist or other appointments and activities to not interfere with practice. If truancy becomes chronic you will be asked to leave the team.   

Please review the Student Handbook as all rules in the Handbook apply


Social Media Policy must be strictly followed or you risk removal from the team for the balance of the season.