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10 Commandments for Swim Parents

I. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child.
II. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.
III. Thou shall not coach thy child.
IV. Thou shall only have positive things to say at a competition.
V. Thou shall acknowledge thy child's fears.
VI. Thou shall not criticize the officials.
VII. Thou shall honor thy child's coach.
VIII. Thou shall be loyal and supportive of thy team.
IX. Thy child shall have goals besides winning.
X. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian

Swimmer's nutrition article

Stay-in-the-bag snacks for swimmers

Why is Streamlining so important to competitive swimming?

Streamlining in competitive swimming is the best hydrodynamic position to make when going through the water.  A streamline’s goal is to cut through the water and offers the least resistance to the fluid's flow.  To make a streamline, the swimmer raises their arms above their head and puts their arms together while squeezing the head in-between it.  Streamlining is so effective (when performed correctly) that it is proven that dolphin kicking with a streamline underwater kick is faster and takes less energy then swimming on top of the water. 

At KAC we emphasis streamlining daily as the first rule of competitive swimming, which holds the basis for overall positive body positioning in the water.  Remember: Streamline and you'll be fine!