Weather Policy

Weather Policy for Botsford

As Botsford is an outdoor pool, we are subject to the weather. If practice is canceled due to morning storms, an email will be sent out no later than 6:45 AM. Coach Joe will do his best to email out as soon as the decision is made. If it looks like the weather will break, and practice might be delayed will still go ahead and practice. There is adequate shelter at Botsford.
There will be times that a storm pops up during practice. If thunder is heard or lighting seen, at that time swimmers will be immediately removed from the pool by the lifeguard(s) and coaches. Swimmers will be told to seek shelter in the locker rooms and await further instructions. If practice is called off before the scheduled end time, rides will be contacted. A coach will wait to the last swimmer is picked up.
Weather Policy at Meets:
Summer Meets:
In the summer there are a number of meets hosted at outdoor venues. Despite weather reports from local & national news services, meets will be go ahead as planned. If a meet is canceled before a session/day starts the meet hosts will contact the visiting teams, hopefully with enough time for team representatives to contact their members. We will notify members via website, email, Twitter, and Facebook.Do not call coaches. If there is threatening weather while the meet is going on (Tornado or Thunderstorm) the meet will be stopped, the officials and meet host will meet and decide to wait out the weather and then proceed with the meet or will suspend the meet for the day. 
Winter Weather Policy:
First do not assume because school is canceled, everything else is canceled. With meets, the meet host will email the coaches and team representatives if the meet has been canceled due to winter weather.  LCSC will then notify and announce to members via website, email, our Twitter, and our Facebook.