Current COVID-19 Sanction Process


Key Information
The current COVID-19 sanctioning and policy is available here

Michigan Swimming will be more strictly adhering to the timelines outlined in the policy in preparation for an anticipated return to normal operations in September 2021. Please be sure to submit all materials in a timely manner and ensure meet procedures are compliant with the timing outlined in the policy.


Key policy changes, as of 3/16/2021:

  • Added open invitational competitions, including a tiered host financial incentive program if certain conditions are met

  • Removed requirement to pre-seed competitions

  • Revised required pre-meet activities timelines, including timelines for entry open and close dates based on competition type

  • Added posting of all pre- and post-meet files to the Michigan Swimming website

  • Added provisions to sunset intrasquad and virtual meets after the Summer season in preparation for return to normal processes in September 2021


In accordance with B.Res. 2021-03-001, all requests for official interpretation of this policy shall be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Michigan Swimming, Inc. Board of Directors at [email protected].


General Sanction Document Checklist
Applicable to All Competition Formats

Please submit the following documents to the Michigan Swimming Office to begin the sanction or approval process:


​We encourage submitting all of these documents together at one time to expedite the sanction or approval process. Michigan Swimming cannot issue sanctions or approvals until all documents are received.