Joining is not really the correct term.  You are a member of USA Swimming and associated with Michigan Swimming (LSC) then if is based on your age (14 and Under) and your time (national AAA or better).  Coaches are selected on a yearly basis, selected in end of September.  

Team Michigan is a team of 14 and Under swimmers that have National AAA times or better.  This team comes together to swim a few meets a year.  We are looking to possibly swim a few dual meets with other LCS's or Canadian provincial teams of 14 and Under.  We are working on getting the team to be able to practice and possibly do a few team building outings a year.

Also, we run the Open water zone meet that is for all ages (OPEN, 13-14, 11-12, and 10 and Under). The open water format is newer and the times are based on National A times in longer events per age group.  This is a fun way to swim a meet.  Maybe this is the summer to give it a try.