Meet Entries FAQ

FAQs – Meet Entries

Welcome to BBD Swimming!  Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from parents:

  1. I have a new credit card. What should I do?  You’ll need to update your credit card in two different places – both at the YMCA (can be done over the phone or in person), and within BBD’s online website.  Login and go to My Account, and then My Invoices/Payments to update your card. 

    BBD swim team dues are collected by the YMCA, and meet entry fees are collected by BBD Boosters via our website.

  2. I missed the meet deadline. Can I still sign up?  No, we apologize but we can’t accept meet registrations after the deadline has passed.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 

    A little background: after the BBD signup deadline passes, we send entry reports to our coaches, who then create relays based on the number of attending swimmers.  We enter the relays in our system and then immediately send the BBD team file with all of our attending swimmers’ entries to the team hosting the meet.  There is always a deadline set forth by the meet hosts to receive our team’s entry file.  If we miss this deadline, our team can’t participate in the meet.  This is especially true for USS meets, as available spots fill within seconds after the host team opens to receive entries.

    The meet hosts verify & confirm the entries, and we bill our families and mail our check and paperwork.  Meanwhile, the host team begins seeding heats and assembling meet programs, heat sheets, marshalling cards, etc. based on the information we and other teams provide.  Because this process is so complex & time sensitive, we cannot make individual exceptions for late registrants. 

    However, we will ask the host team if deck entries are allowed (day-of-meet entries), and will post this information on the website as it become available.  USS teams sometimes allow for one update after opening to accept team files; we will send a new team file for time updates only.  Not for parents who have missed the deadline.

  3. Can I receive a refund of meet entry fees after the signup deadline has passed?  No.  As discussed above, we immediately send a check to the host team so they can pay for the pool rental, officials’ fees, printing costs, etc.  Before the deadline, you may withdraw from the meet without incurring any cost.

  4. My child is sick & can’t attend a meet. What should I do?  Please contact Coach Kate Murphy as soon as possible at:    Coach Kate will notify the other coaches & make adjustments to relays.  Since BBD has already paid the host team for your child’s meet entries, we’re unable to refund your entry fees.

  5. Where do I sign my child up to participate in a relay for a meet?  You don’t!!  The BBD coaches create the relays, and BBD Boosters pays the relay entry fees.  Coaches try to make sure every swimmer participates in a relay for each meet.  However, if an odd number of swimmers attend (four kids are needed to make a relay), sometimes a child may not be able to swim a relay.

  6. Can I use summer league times for BBD?  Yes.  However, summer league times are not “official” times according to USA Swimming rules.  We can only use them as estimated entry times. 

    They won’t be saved in our system, but can be entered manually before any regular season meet.  Please convert the time from Short Course Meters (SCM) to Short Course Yards (SCY) and email the times to   You can also send in an estimated time before any regular season YMCA meet where your child is entered with a No Time (NT).  Estimated times may not be used for Championship meets, or for some USS meets that require proof of time.

  7. Can I use middle school or high school meet times for BBD?  Partially - MS and HS dual meet times do not count as “official” times according to USA Swimming rules and can’t be used for USS meets.  Dual meet times may be used for YMCA meets, including Zones. 

    The MS and HS championship meets are the only meet results which may be used at both USS and YMCA meets. 

    Acceptable proof is a computer-printed copy of the meet results, signed by the head official.  Your MS or HS coach should have this file.  Meet Mobile results are not accepted.

    If you have a MS or HS time, please send to our Proofs Chair, who is listed on our website under About BBD/Parent Volunteers.

  8. The meet's over.  Why don't I see my child's time in the BBD system?  Please be patient.  When you first see your child's time on Meet Mobile, this is not an "official" time.  For every race, electronic pad times are compared to the backup button times + the two hand times recorded by stop-watch.  DQs are processed.  The order of finish is double-checked.  Results must be reviewed and approved by the head official, the host team's meet manager, and (in some instances), sent to the Michigan Swimming office.  BBD must wait to receive approved, official results from the meet host.  Once we receive this file, we will upload times into our system.  Please don't contact the entry chair about missing times, until you see that the meet has been linked to the results file.

  9. What does the “three meet requirement” mean?  - It is a National YMCA rule (not a BBD rule) that every swimmer participates in at least three YMCA meets during the regular season to be eligible to swim in the Championship meets.  Each day of a meet counts as one day towards fulfilling this requirement

    For example, if your child swims on both Saturday and Sunday of the BBD Fall Festival meet, this would count as two meets out of the three meet requirement.  If your child does not complete three meets during the course of the regular season, they would be ineligible to swim at championship meets. 

    The BBD rule is that each swimmer’s season ends with their last meet.  Without three meets, your child is ineligible to participate in Championship meets, and their season would end after the final regular season meet has occurred.  Once their season has ended, they may not attend further practices. 

*Families with a child who do not participate in all Championship meets for which they qualify may lose "returning swimmer" status for the next season's registration, or you may be asked to leave BBD.

10.     Why can only 9 & Over kids with three years’ winter experience swim at USS meets? – This is a BBD rule set forth by the coaches.  USS meets are much more complex and intense; there are many more teams on deck, there is no marshaling, fly-over starts are used, self check-in is required, scratch rules apply, etc. 

Our coaches want our newer, younger swimmers to have a positive experience during their first meets, and so they require that your child gain familiarity with how meets are conducted during a YMCA setting, which is more relaxed and has more swimmer assistance.