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Meet Schedule

If you have any questions on these travel meets, please feel free to reach out to any of your coaches! 


Fall Diving Invite   Nov. 6th - 8th.

Location: Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Entries: TBD. Waiting to hear back from our friends in WI.

Travel Fee's: TBD. Even split between all divers going. 

Description: Our friends over at Schroeder Diving Club have invited us for a fun weekend meet where we will have the opportunity to not only compete with folks from Wisconsin and Illinois, but also have a bit of tower practice! 

Declare if you are attending: Fall Diving Invite 


MLA Christmas Invite    Dec. 18th - 19th.

Location: Holland, Michigan

Entries: $15 each event. 

Travel Fee's: None! 

Volunteering: Required for all Diving parents. 

Eligible Divers: All groups and all divers regardless of age.

Description: Our last meet and practice of the year! We will be hosting a closed invitational meet to wrap up all that we have learned. This should be a great time for us to relax and just have some fun. PS. We will even celebrate Coach Jean Luc's birthday on Saturday!

Declare if you are attending: MLA Christmas Invite