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2020-2021 Season Time Standards

Qualifying Time Standards for Championships Meets

Time Standards are the minimum times that a swimmer must achieve in order to attend a specific 'Championship Meet.'  Championship Meets are typically larger events, with increasing pageantry at each level and each provide increased exposure to the sport of swimming.  They are exciting and they are a chance for our MLA Family to celebrate our student-athletes' excellence in the pool as a team! 

Championship Meets range from Local to National scale in terms of travel and competition; each with exciting new experiences for your swimmer.  Note, not all meets at each level are offered each season.    

1- West Michigan Swim League (Local Level) 

WMSL B-Meet; Any times slower than "A"



2- Michigan Swimming (State Level)

District Championships (Next Season)
Junior Olympics (Next Season)
Michigan State Championships (TBD)




3- Central Zone (Regional Level)

14&U Zone Championships
2021 Spring Speedo Sectionals



4- USA Swimming (National Level)

Futures Championships
Speedo Winter Jr Nationals (Next Season)
Toyota US Open (Next Season)
Speedo Summer Championships
2021 Olympic Team Trails Time Standards






National Age Group Motivational Times - Goal Settting

The National Age Group Motivational Times standards set varying marks for swimmers of every age group, ranging from B to AAAA based on relative speed within the age group. Each age group has B standards, BB standards, A standards, AA standards, AAA standards and AAAA standards to give swimmers benchmarks for goal-setting and to track improvement.
Per USA Swimming’s website: “Here you will find age group time standards designed to encourage age group swimmers to step their swimming up to the next level. These time standards guide you from just starting out in your age group to reaching your highest potential. Start at Level B and work your way up to Level AAAA times.”

You can see how the motivational times are determined here. Though this document is still from the 2012 quad, it lays out the mathematical process for determining the motivational standards for each age group.

There are time standards for both each traditional age group (10&unders, 11-12s, 13-14s, etc) and for each specific age from 10 to 18. USA Swimming has also released a document showing how much each time standard has changed from the previous quad. You can see all of these documents below:

Click here to see the entire National Motivational Times 2021-2026 list.

Motivational Times Standards Change Analysis