Coach Expectations


  1. Arrive at practice site 15 minutes early to make necessary preparations to start practice at the intended time and stay 15 minutes after practice to remove lane lines if required, and answer questions.
  1. Establish practice methods and routines.
  1. Coach swimmers at practices and meets.
  1. Establish line-up for designated meets.
  1. Determine the appropriate level of workout for each swimmer.
  1. Communicate pertinent information to a swimmers, parents, and Board members.
  1. Provide appropriate discipline for swimmers that do not adhere to the rules/guidelines.
  1. Attend all required practices and meets.
  1. Maintain individual records on progress being made by each swimmer and make them accessible to parents.
  1. Identify and present appropriate awards at the year-end practice.
  1. Head coach or designee is to attend the monthly Swim Team Board meetings as arranged with the Board Chairperson.
  1. All coaches are to attend the monthly coaches meeting.
  1. Communicate and coordinate all USA swim meets.
  1. Head coach is to oversee all assistant coaches, including making their coaching assignments, providing for their training, and resolving issues/problems.
  1. Coaches will serve as role models for the team. Adhere to the MOST Swim Club values by refrainng from negative discussions about other swim clubs, their coaches, their parents, and swimmers.