Rules & Guidelines


The following guidelines are to inform parents and swimmers of the coaches’ policies regarding practice.  These policies have been developed over many years and are designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all swimmers.

Each training group has specific attendance requirements appropriate for the objectives of that group.  As a general rule, the least possible interruption in the training schedule will produce the greatest amount of success. MOST does, however, encourage younger swimmers to partici­pate in other activities in addition to swimming.  The expectation level of the coaches to attend practices increases as swimmers move to higher groups.


For the swimmers' protection, they should arrive on the practice facilities no earlier than 15 minutes before their workout time.  They should also be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their practice is over.  Swimmers should be ready to swim five minutes prior to the start of their practice.

Plan to stay the entire practice.  Late arrival and early departure can disrupt the flow of practice and diminish the quality of the workout for all swimmers.  The last part of practice is often the most important.  Usually, there are also announcements made at the end of each practice. 

Members of MOST have an obligation to act as guests while at practice facilities (both swimmers and parents). Every member of MOST needs to respect this privilege. Any damages/vandalism to facility property will result in financial liability of the swimmer’s parents. Any vandalism may also result in the swimmer being asked to leave the team permanently.                                  

Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice unless it is an emergency.


Practice is a time for the swimmer to practice skills and go through a training schedule. The swimmer must stay in the pool area during practice and come to practice prepared to both physically and mentally be challenged for improvement. 

  1. ATTENDANCE: The coach establishes attendance guidelines for the practices.  Please respect and follow these guidelines.
  1. DECK POLICY: Parents are expected to remain in the designated areas during practice    except when asked by the coach to assist in some way.  No food is allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.  Street shoes are not allowed on deck.
  1. LOCKER ROOM/RESTROOM: Showers are to be taken before entering the pool.  Restrooms are to be used before and after workout.  Swimmers are recommended to bring a lock and lock their locker at every practice.  Be considerate of groups we share facilities with.  Turn off showers, keep noise to a minimum, and be neat.  Parents can help by monitoring the locker rooms when possible.  The coaches do not supervise locker rooms.
  1. CANCELLATIONS/CHANGES: The website should be consulted for information regarding practice or cancellations. When participating schools are closed due to bad weather or utility failure, practice will be cancelled.
  1. COMMUNICATIONS: The coaching staff will make every effort to keep you informed of swim team information.  Periodic communications regarding the Swim Team will be published on the website.  However, this will not preclude having to communicate verbally on some important occasions.  If a swimmer should miss practice, it is his/her responsibility to check with their coach or website to make sure that no important announcement has been missed.
  1. LOST AND FOUND: If an item has been left, the swimmer should give it to the coach. The coaches will check the deck after each practice.  Coaches are not responsible for a swimmer's personal items.  Please write swimmers name on EVERYTHING.


  1. ATTENDANCE: Attendance is desired at all "DESIGNATED" meets.  If you are unable to attend a meet, let the coach know as soon as possible.
  2. "DESIGNATED" meets consist of invitationals, and championship meets.  Participation in USS-M meets is optional, including invitationals and championship meets associated with USS-M.  MOST will participate and provide coaching support at several of these meets, it will be the option of the swimmer to attend.  The swimmer will be eligible to swim only if the swimmer is signed up by the deadline.  It is the swimmer's responsibility to complete sign-up via the website. Talk to a coach before the deadline if you have a question.
  3. WARM-UP: Swimmers are expected to be prompt.  Warm-up usually begins 60 minutes prior to the start of a meet.  Swimmers are to be on deck 15 minutes prior to warm-up time for stretching.  If there is a change in warm-up time, you will be notified in advance.  Warm-ups are also under the direction of the coaching staff.
  4. LINE-UP: It is the responsibility of the coach to enter each swimmer in the meet events.  The swimmer has the responsibility to declare their intention to swim (via the wedsite) a given meet.  If there is a question regarding the events a child is swimming, please contact the coach as soon as the line-up is posted.  All relays will be put together at the coach’s' discretion.  The coaching staff will have the authority to make any changes in the line-up.
  5. DECK POLICY: Parents will not be allowed on the pool deck during a meet except when asked by a coach to assist.
  6. EQUIPMENT: Team suits, caps, warm-ups, goggles, towels, and an extra suit are recommended at all meets.
  7. SAFETY: Swimmers need to remain on the pool deck in order for the coaching staff to be responsible for them. For those swimmers not on deck (concessions, locker room, and spectator area), it will be the parent’s sole responsibility to supervise their child’s actions and safety. (BOARD APPROVED 3/99)



The coaching staff has authority to discipline MOST Swim Club members according to the following guidelines:

At Practice:

First offense/violation:                    Verbal Reprimand/Warning.

Second offense/violation:                Suspension from a portion or balance of practice, but MOST Team member must remain on pool deck until end of practice when Coaching Staff will notify parent of offense.

Third offense/violation:                  Suspension from balance of practice, but MOST Swim Club member must remain on pool deck until end of practice when parent will be notified of offense plus MOST Swim Club member will be suspended from next practice.

At a Meet:

First offense/violation:                     Scratch or declared false start next event.

Second offense/violation:                Expulsion from meet.

At a Senior Travel Team Meet/Team Event:    

1.     At no time will male and female MOST Swim Club members, members of any other team or outside guests be in the same room together with the door closed for any reason.

2      No team meeting may be missed.

3      MOST Swim Club members must be punctual to all meetings and warm-up times.

4      No MOST Swim Club member may be out of his or her room after the assigned bedtime.  Permission must be obtained from the coach to leave the room past curfew as set by the Head Coach.

5      Curfews are to be adhered to throughout the entire trip until the Team returns to their home destination

6      Any damages or thievery incurred at a motel/hotel will be at the expense of the MOST Swim Club member(s) assigned to that room, and/or their parent(s), and further disciplinary action may be taken as deemed necessary by the Head Coach.

7   No loud or boisterous behavior will be tolerated in the hallways or public area, and such behavior should be kept to a minimum in the MOST Swim Club member rooms.

8   All long distance telephone calls not placed on a personal telephone number must be placed on a credit card, calling card or collect.

9   All MOST Swim Club members will be polite in restaurants and leave a 15% gratuity (tip).  If there has been a problem with the service, see the coach before exiting the restaurant.

10   All MOST Swim Club members agree to follow rules about practice and meet behavior, as outlined in The MOST Swim Club Handbook. 

A swimmer, who violates the MOST Swim Club members Behavior Guidelines and/or General Rules, is subject to disciplinary action as outlined below:

First Offense:      The Parent Board and Head Coach will investigate the situation in a timely manner and assure the swimmers right to due process by:

  1. Conducting an informal hearing with at least three members of the Parent Board, the Head Coach, the accused, and parent present, at which time the accused is provided with the exact charges against him/her.
  2. Accepting information, including but not limited to written statements from all persons having knowledge of this situation.
  3. Provide the accused the opportunity to express his/her side of the problem.
  4. If after the investigation a swimmer is found to be guilty, the following punishment will be imposed:
  1. Twenty-five (25) hours of team service to be determined by the Parent Board.
  1. Twenty (20) calendar day’s suspension from all MOST Swim Club competition and practice sessions, which will take effect immediately following the close of the investigation.
  1. Suspension of senior team travel privileges for a period of time, which not to be less than six months but will not exceed one year during which time the swimmer(s) will room with their parent(s).

Second Offense:     The Parent Board and Head Coach will conduct the same investigation, as outlined in the First Offense above, following steps A, B, C and D.  If after the investigation, a swimmer is found to be guilty, the following punishment will be imposed:

A.  Swimmer will be suspended from the team at the discretion of the Parent Board.

B.  Swimmer will be permanently dismissed from the team at the discretion of the Parent Board.

C.  No reimbursement of team fees will be granted.


The following has been taken from the US Olympic Committee Drug Control Program. MOST is committed to following these rules without exception.

Before taking any substance, check with the USOC Drug Hotline:  1-800-233-0393

Medications prescribed or recommended by your health care provider may contain prohibited substances. 

For additional information on the USA Swim Drug Policy and Doping Control Substance Regulations see