MOST Fee Policy



MOST fee structure will be updated every August prior to the fall schedule begins and will be located on the MOST website.

We now require online payment processing for all members of MOST. To set-up payment, you MUST use a card (credit or debit).  Please log-on and click on My Account then Setup Auto Pay.  The Setup Auto Pay directions will help you finish the process.

Any swimmer with fees not paid in full by will not be allowed at any practice site, nor will they be eligible to compete in any meet. This may be done by visiting the district website, and register on line through Community Education or by calling 586-783-6330.

NO SWIMMERS shall practice until they have registered with the team and L'Anse Creuse Community Education.

All fees are not refundable and future credit will not be afforded for any reason.

If you have any questions about any billing you may have received, please contact the treasurer immediately at the number listed under the Parents Tab.

Current Fees for the 2019-2020 Season include the following:

$175 Annual Registration with MOST - includes Swim USA Registration, Cap, T-shirt, & Website Access

$375 Registration with L'Anse Creuse Community Education for Pool Practice & Coaching (Sept-Nov) Competitive - September to November.aspx?id=C7035

$375 Registration with L'Anse Creuse Community Education for Pool Practice & Coaching (Dec-Feb) Competitive - December to Febuary.aspx?id=C7036

$125 Registration with L'Anse Creuse Community Education for Pool Practice & Coaching (Mar) FOR SWIMMERS WITH STATE QUALIFYING TIMES ONLY Competitive - March.aspx?id=C7037

$?? Individual Meet fees....usually $5 per event + $5 meet registration PER MEET