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Parts reprinted from “A Tradition of Excellence” by USA Swimming.

USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for amateur competitive swimming in the United States.  At its headquarters office, located at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Swimming staff interact with 59 Local Swimming Committees’ (LSC’s), athletes, coaches and volunteers at all levels to provide a variety of services to 220,000 registered athletes, 20,000 non-athletes and 2,500 swim clubs.  The LSC for the MOST is Michigan Swimming, Inc. (MS) located at P.O. Box 1784, Midland MI, 48641-1784.  Their web address is

The function of MS is to administer and promote USA Swimming programs at a local level.  The principal activities of MS are developing swim meet schedules, setting standards for and sanctioning swim meets, implementing USA Swimming rules and safety procedures within the LSC, developing programs to promote, enhance, and market competitive swimming, and administering the registration of clubs and individuals.

USA Swimming was conceived in 1978 with the passage of the Amateur Sports Act, which decreed that all Olympic sports would be administered indepen­dently.  Prior to this Act, USA Swimming was the Competitive Swimming Committee of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  USA Swimming headquarters were moved to Colorado Springs in 1981.

Today, with its headquarters at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. Swimming is a Group “A” member of the United States Olympic Committee.  Independent and a model for all amateur sport national governing bodies, U.S. Swimming is in the vanguard of the Olympic movement around the world.

As the National Governing Body for the sport, USA Swimming is charged with the responsibility to formulate rules, conduct national champion­ships, disseminate safety and sports medicine information, select competitors to represent this country in international competition, ensure the development of its’ member clubs and age group swimmers.

USA Swimming hosts three major swimming meets each year—the Phillips 66/USA Swimming Spring and Summer National Championships and the US Open, sponsored by Speedo America.  Additionally, USA Swimming holds four Speedo/Junior National Championship meets each year—two long course (50 meter pools) and two short course (25 yard pools).

USA Swimming is the ruling body of sanctioned swimming meets in the United States.  USA Swimming meets are designed to protect the swim­mer, provide fair and equitable conditions of competition, and promote uniformity in the sport so that no swimmer shall obtain an unfair advantage over another.

Obviously, the “wet” side of the sport receives a tremendous amount of money and attention, but the “dry” side of the sport receives considerable study as well.

Coaches and athletes education play an important role in USA Swimming.  Programs such as the successful Coaches College, presenting the most current coaching and scientific literature, assist coaches in their efforts to provide optimal training conditions for their athletes.

USA Swimming National Headquarters strives to educate and inform its’ membership through continued communication.  Once a year USA Swimming publishes an updated version of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, the final word in technical swimming rules in Splash, which is bi-monthly publication providing current and timely information of interest to all USA Swimming members.  Lane lines, the USA Swimming coach’s newsletter, is also included in Splash.

The USA Swimming Headquarters provides a variety of services and programs for its membership.  Some of the additional services provided by USA Swimming are fundraising activities, sports medicine programs, video resources, and general information about swimming- related activities.  USA Swimming staff is available to assist in answering questions or providing addition­al information about USA Swimming.  For infor­mation or assistance, see their web site at: or contact them at:

                USA Swimming National Headquarters

                One Olympic Plaza

                Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5770

                (719) 866-4578