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Practices will be offered Monday through Friday from 5:45-6:45 pm for our technique group and 5:45-7:15 pm for our JR/Senior group. All practices are at the Clarkston High School Pool.


OLY Registration - Clarkston

Registration: To register, click on the “Start Registration” button, which is located in the upper left corner of our website (  Make sure to scroll down and read through all of the registration sections.

                Location:               Please select Clarkston as your location.

                Group:                   Please select one of the following groups with Coach approval:

                  Technique             Junior 1                  Senior           

Approval: Once you complete the registration, it will be approved by OLY Membership and an email will be sent to you with additional login instructions.

Billing:    Billing occurs through the ACH billing system.  Once your registration is approved, you must enter your bank account information into your member profile so that your fees can be deducted automatically through the ACH billing system.  Billing occurs on the first of each month.  A pre-invoice will be generated and emailed to you by the 22nd of each month for the billing that will occur on the first of the next month.  Please check this invoice carefully and contact if there are any questions.  We can then make any necessary changes prior to the billing going through on the first of the month.  We do not accept checks or credit card payment.  



Fees for Short Course – September 2017 through March 2018







JR 1



Senior Team





The registration fee includes your USA swimming registration, all meet fees for the entire year from Sept 2017 through July 2018, as well as some team activities, and a championship t-shirt. If you decide to continue to swim all or part of the long course season (April –July 2018) there is no additional registration fee.

+Technique Prorated registration fee – Nov 1 ($240), Dec 1 ($215), Jan 1 ($190), Feb 1 ($160), Mar. 1 – May 1 ($150).

# JR1 and Senior Prorated registration fee – Nov 1 ($325), Dec 1 ($290), Jan 1 ($250), Feb 1 ($200), Mar. 1 – May 1 ($150).

*Prorated registration fee less $76 if you are already registered with USA swimming for 2018.


Transfer Form:  If you are transferring from another team, please go to the Michigan swimming website and under the Members/Athletes tab, download the 2017 Transfer form.  Please fill out the form and follow the instructions for sending the form in with the $5 transfer fee.  On the form, for the person accepting the transfer, please write Ahern Naylis for OLY.


Fundraising and Volunteer Requirements:  OLY has mandatory fundraising and volunteer hour requirements.  These are waived for new Clarkston families for the 2017-18 Short Course Season.  Fundraising and volunteer requirements will be instituted for all families registering for the fall 2018-19 Short Course Season.


Team Uniform: Team suit – Black Speedo.  All swimmers are also required to purchase a team uniform which includes the following items with the OLY Logo: One white T-shirt, One gold T-shirt, One swim cap.  Team uniform T-shirts and additional spirit wear items are available through the OLY Webstore which will be open various times throughout the swim season.  The store is currently closed.    You will be notified by email when the store is open.  Caps can be purchased through a coach or by contacting


Practices:  Practices are 5:45-7:15 pm Monday through Friday at Clarkston High School.  Please continuously monitor the practice schedule under Group Calendars on the OLY home page to see if there are any changes.   


Additional Questions:  Please contact with any additional questions regarding the Clarkston location.