Code Of Conduct

The Pointe Aquatics Rules of Conduct

Possession or use of drugs and other illegal substances of any kind are prohibited. The use of alcohol or tobacco is prohibited throughout the swimming venue.

Willful damage to the equipment, and facility of the swimming venue is prohibited.

I will promote the emotional and physical well being of the athletes in spite of any personal desire to win in competition.

Unsportsmanlike or unsafe conduct at the swimming venue is prohibited.

Verbal threats or threatening gestures or insubordinate conduct to officials, marshals, coaches or other meet personnel is prohibited.

Violation of any posted or announced regulations and rules that pertain to a specific swimming venue or activity is prohibited.

No one will be permitted on the pool deck, including parents or siblings, without approval of the coaching staff.

As a parent, I will remember that my child/children swim for their enjoyment, not mine.

As a parent, I will provide support for coaches and officials working with swimmers to provide a positive experience for our children.

As a member of the team I will treat all swimmers, coaches, officials, parents and spectators with dignity and respect.

As a swimmer I will remain silent and make an honest effort to listen and look when coaches are speaking.

As a swimmer I will report to practice with enough time to begin practice as scheduled.

As a swimmer I will commit myself to give my best effort at each practice.

As a swimmer I will keep accurate records of our official posted times.

As a swimmer I will report to the coach’s area after each race.

As a swimmer I will be responsible to learn how to correctly complete meet entries, to learn best times, and other important information.