Meet Volunteers

We cannot run our home meets without volunteers. Each family is obligated to volunteer at a minimum of two home meets per session. Below is a description of the meet volunteer positions that are available.

  • Awards. You will put the time cards in time order, assign places, and set aside ribbons for the visiting team.
  • Clean up. You will help collect lost and found items and pick up trash at the end of the meet. This is a great job for those who cannot arrive until just before the meet starts and/or those whose child will most likely be in the final relays.
  • Concessions. You will sell concessions outside the pool area. You WILL be allowed to step into the pool area to watch your child race, as long as there is adequate help in the concession area.
  • Head Marshall. You will use the seeding sheets to put swimmers in the correct order for heats and lanes.
  • Marshall: You will take swimmers from their age group area to the marshalling table and then to the correct lanes.
  • Meet Scoring. You will use our computer to score meets and print out results, as well as seed the swimmers and save the files. (Please speak with a coach if you would like to help in this position.)
  • Runner. You will take time cards from the timers in each lane and deliver them to the scoring table.
  • Set up. You will help set up the pool area for the meet. (Please plan to arrive no later than 4:15 pm to set up.)
  • Time averaging. You will take the two times written on each time card and average them to determine the final time for our records.
  • Timer. You will use a stop watch to confirm swimmers’ finish times. You will indicate your stop watch time on the swimmer's card.