Grades 6-8

PCC offers three distinct levels of instruction for middle school aged swimmers: 

The COMPETITIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM offers quality instruction and training without a major commitment. Middle school and young high school-aged swimmers can explore competitive swimming or just stay in shape on their own schedule. 

The JUNIOR GROUPS are our most popular training groups! 3 to 5 practices per week of consist of age-appropriate technical instruction, race preparation, endurance training, and, most importantly, guidance in learning how to be a great teammate! Click the link above for more information on the PCC Junior Groups. 

The AGE GROUP program is designed for athletes who have shown dedication, determination, and the desire to perform at a high level. Athletes in the Age Group program train 4 to 8 times per week and work on an advanced skill set for their age. We aim to provide the best training for athletes who want to be the best!