Mini Cruisers


The MINI CRUISERS are PCC's introductory group to competitive swimming for elementary school-aged children. Whether your young swimmer is interested in trying competitive swimming after graduating from a lessons program, excels at home in your backyard pool or has some swim team experience, the MINI CRUISERS program can help your swimmer develop the skills necessary to be on the year-round competitive team. 

We believe that young athletes that develop great stroke technique have the upper hand when they reach an age and skill level where competitive training becomes important. Our Coaching Staff will work through stroke and drill instruction, demonstrations and racing games to teach swimmers those core skills in all four competitive strokes. 

Mini Cruisers - Prerequisites

  • Swimmers should be in elementary school, K-5th grade, and are generally under 10 years old. Swimmers on the younger end of the age spectrum will need to perform the same skills as the other swimmers in the group. 
  • Swimmers must be able to swim with their face in the water for 25y without struggle and be able to repeat several times. Swimmers must be able to swim or float & kick on their back for 25y without struggle, and able to repeat several times. Swimmers should be comfortable in deep water, jumping in the pool, and must be able to listen and function in a group of 6-15 other young athletes. 
  • A typical Mini Cruiser practice involves swimming, kicking and drilling lengths of the pool, repeating jumping, diving and swimming skills taught by our staff and participating in variations of racing games where the young swimmers can practice their skills in a more competitive environment.  

Mini Cruisers Summer Session Information

During the summer, the Mini Cruisers program is super flexible! Instead of registering for a specific day and time each week, you purchase a virtual "punch card" of classes and can attend any of the posted classes during the session. You can attend every day, once a week, skip a week, really whenever it suits your schedule! 

Mini Cruisers During the School Year

Registration opens for the 2019-2020 school year on September 1st, 2019, and will remain open for registration through June 1st, 2020.  

FALL 2020 - We are offering a 12-week Fall Session instead of our regular monthly program. For the full session, one class per week is $240; two classes per week is $300. If you join after we have started, the fee will automatically be adjusted to reflect the late start. 

WINTER 2021 - To be determined. We expect to have classes, but are unsure of the schedule and dates at this time

Each swimmer must also pay a $50/year administrative fee, payable with your first registration and renewed every 12 months going forward. 

Once you are registered for the program, your membership will be auto-renewed each month. Swimmers can cancel their membership for the next month by completing the Cancellation Request Form at least one week before the end of the month. If you do decide to take a month or two off, you may register again later in the year.