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2018 Rockford Riptide Board

Executive Committee


Stephanie Shirley - President    Email 

Stephanie Shirley has been a parent around the pool deck for the past seven years. The last three years at Rockford Riptide. In that time because of various moves, she had the experience of belonging to three different USA swim teams. She hopes to bring this perspective and different ideas & positive practices from each club. She has three children all involved with Riptide. Since her kids are so involved with the program, she decided to join the board two years ago. She wanted to give back to a program that has given so much to her kids. Outside of the pool, Stephanie remains active volunteering at school. Her background is in teaching, banking, & sales & during that time she continually held leadership positions.

Greg Glover - Vice President      Email 

Greg Glover and his wife Sue have two children that swim, Isabelle (13) and Will (8). They have been with the Riptide family for the last eight years and have enjoyed seeing the club grow.  They are extremely proud of the friendships and skills that the club has brought into their children’s lives. Greg has been on the board for the last four years and has served as president for the last year. He wants the board to represent all of the families in the organization and looks forward to working to make this an amazing club for all our children. 


Josh Zandstra - Vice President


Katie Gordon - Treasurer     



Katie Rackiewicz  - Secretary   Email 

Katie is a Rockford Public School employee at Meadow Ridge Elementary. Katie has previous corporate experience and is serving her second year as a trustee on the Riptide parent board. Katie lives with her husband and two daughters. Sylvia, her oldest has been swimming with the Riptide organization for five years and her youngest daughter, Hattie, has been swimming for two years.

Katie likes this wonderful organization and feels blessed to live in a great community that offers an athletic program to meet a variety of interests, levels and needs.  She brings her career and volunteering experiences to facilitate progress to grow and foster a great culture for strengthening the Rockford Riptide program.



Board Trustees


Kristin Gamm - Trustee      Email 

Kristen Gamm was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. Kristen attended college at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD and has a degree in elementary education and special education. She has taught in both the resource room and in second grade in the Rockford Public schools. Kristen, began competitive swimming at the age of six and spent many years swimming on a USA team, doing summer leagues, high school and college swimming. Kristen has been a lifeguard, aquatics director, swim coach and taught swim lessons. Swimming was and always has been a big part of her life!

Kristen has served on the Riptide parent board as a trustee and as the Club President for three years. Kristen and her husband Andy, have two children, Ryan (freshman at Hope) and Rachel (10th grade at RHS). Her daughter, Rachel, has been a member of the club since she was six years old and started in Jr Riptide

Kristen has a deep love of the sport of swimming and always strives to make Riptide a great place for our swimmers. Kristen loves being a part of this club and seeing the swimmers grow and develop in their swimmers careers, but also seeing them make lifelong friends on Riptide. 


Erich Harmsen  - Trustee    Email 

Erich Harmsen has lived in Rockford for 24 years. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan and his Master’s in Education at Michigan State University. Erich has worked in education for 25 years as a teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, principal, and director of an alternative education school and is currently a Human Resources Director for Grand Rapids Public Schools.  Erich and his family have been a part of Riptide since the fall of 2012 where he has watched is daughter, Oliver, grow as a person and as a swimmer. He able to provide HR expertise to the board and to the club.

Erich is a first-year trustee on the parent board. His vision for the Riptide program is to support the continuing development of our athletes, provide an environment which fosters meaningful and supportive relationships, contribute to growing the program, and providing equal support and growth opportunities for swimmers at all swim levels. 


Toren Prawdzik - Trustee      Email 

Toren is a former swimmer for Rockford Senior High (RHS grad 1989), and proud parent of two Riptide swimmers, and one Riptide wife. Toren’s daughter Marie is 13 and daughter Morgan is 10. Toren swam at Grand Rapids Junior College (2 time NJCAA medal winner) and competed as a rower at Jacksonville University in Florida (Florida Sunshine state games gold medalist, Dad Vail Regatta 2 time finalist, multiple head race winner). 

Toren is the President of Photo EVO and High School Fan Stand, as well as the Vice President of Photo EVO Pro. He is currently a director on the board of an international organization SGIA ( and has recently started his own sports club and non-profit organization West Michigan Lacrosse. Toren also owns and operates a travelling graphics industry event Pro Imaging EXPO. 

Toren is serving his second year as a trustee and is proud to be part of an expanding, growing program.  


Tom Scott - Trustee        



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June 9th, 2020, Upper Level at Family Fare 6:30-8

July 7th, 2020, Upper Level at Family Fare 6:30-8

August 11th, 2020, Upper Level at Family Fare 6:30-8

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